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1000    ~ chrysanthemum died down ~ we threw it into the fire ~ it smelled the particular fragrance in the air   

0999    ~ wintry leaf buds have hair ~ they live with long chilly winter and snow ~ in order to bloom in spring   

0998    ~ putting forth buds in winter ~ a likely story! ~ by this time already they have burgeoned already   

0997    ~ on the principle of duality ~ positive side and forth of the sun becomes dominant ~ the frost on the leaves of wintry vegetables thaw out at the sunny side   

0996    ~ in the wintry chilly field ~ if i close my eyes ~ the grassland comes into existence from there all around   

0995    ~ i took a steam-breathing in the winter field ~ it really look like the figure of my life ~ excepting in my body   

0994    ~ i was caught in a snowstorm ~ though the main pillar of the tavern was all firm ~ i felt at ease   

0993    ~ they dispense the sacrament for the fox ~ they offer the deep-fried tofu to her ~ then the leaves are dancing around them   

0992    ~ the sea tide is coming in the shore ~ plovers are forced to resign from the feeding water’s edge ~ they stare sadly and cry   

0991    ~ on the very day of the winter solstice ~ we Japanese take the Chinese lemon bath for our health enhancements ~ though i buy it at the double before early sundown   

0990    ~ the year-end cleaning started ~ nonparticipants were waiting till after the cleaning in a anteroom ~ and made dusters with shabby towels for entries   

0989    ~ when i sneezed ~ some one chanted an incantation ~ ‘God Bless You!’   

0988    ~ i caught a cold and come down with a fever ~ my mother applied an ice pack to my head ~ it sounded alike laps   

0987    ~ the bus is a long time coming ~ passengers are waiting impatiently for it ~ they are all benumbed with the wintry chill air   

0986    ~ i am an all drunkard ~ with swinging gait the cold pierced me ~ to my bone and my shadow   

0985    ~ everybody died on me ~ though butterfly-shapen clouds ~ were coming into the world and racking continuously   

0984    ~ i looked up at the wintry air for a while ~ i was all huddled up ~ with the cold chilly blue   

0983    ~ she made a fire ~ with a bamboo blow-pipe ~ the Cinderella complex struck root in her mind   

0982    ~ fellers were pruning in the cedar forest ~ i passed by that leaves were falling down ~ then i get an itch on my back   

0981    ~ i bathed my feet in hot water ~ and i felt chill after a bath ~ from the tiptoe   

0980    ~ it is not at the stage for falling down yet ~ Camellia leave gets the snow off the ground ~ without mercy   

0979    ~ i run into another brick wall at the end of this year ~ year-end gift-giving ‘oseibo’ season has come ~ i could not make a return call on them again   

0978    ~ round-shaped bean-jam pancake ‘imagawayaki’ ~ tumbled down ~ between tubs   

0977    ~ today’s side dish is boiled raddish ~ the head of radish is left unused in the kitchen ~ likes someone’s head on public display   

0976    ~ a coal briquette ~ with air-holes that burns well~ is burning red within the charcoal brazier ‘shichirin’ in the ‘kotatsu’   

0975    ~ northwester has come ~ that helmsman displays ~ his hard-bitten skills   

0974    ~ in Buddhism, they limit time and eat vegetables ~ for the consecration to thinking about mortal ~ at maturity, they eat fish and meat   

0973    ~ i got on stilts and was walking hear and there ~ after that, when i descended from them ~ i used to be intimidated by its height   

0972    ~ i bought a roast sweet potato ~ there was a little cute Ksitigarbha ~ i dispensed a part of it to him for the offering   

0971    ~ i got old now, i saw the work for the rice-cake making ~ and saw the handle of the beetle ~ that the able-bodied man was pounding   

0970    ~ the method of snowbreaking prevention for the pine tree ~ is nattily formed of ~ ornaments of the fireman’s standard   

0969    ~ i sit alone by the irori fireplace ~ brings back many pleasant things ~ firewood makes only burning sounds   

0968    ~ don’t joke with me on my baldness ~ when i bare my head ~ it’s not to say that i don’t want to be   

0967    ~ i put my gloves on ~ because i feel disgraced to show ~ my chapped hands with townies eyes fixed on them   

0966    ~ Japanese ‘tabi’ socks ~ have strings for laundry ~ in their inner tiptoes   

0965    ~ all the local people mended the pond ~ there are a lot of dredged materials ~ some of them are suddleless bicycles   

0964    ~ they are already in winter clothes ~ strong winds blow through the tall buildings ~ breast of coat was separated into right and left by the wind   

0963    ~ the natto that was dredged in ~ lush foliage Welsh onions ~ gave me a full of the energy of life   

0962    ~ i washed the pan ~ that guests finished their mutton barbecues ~ with all my might   

0961    ~ the candle lights ~ are flaring on my family altar ~ by the draft wind from somewhere   

0960    ~ a pair of mandarin ducks ~ draped all over each other ~ in the reed bush   

0959    ~ i sheltered from the wintry chilly sea breeze behind the rack for the airing fish nets ~ though it was like beating my head against the wall   

0958    ~ magpies are fix Altair up with Vega ~ though who makes up a marriage of a couple of magpies ~ they are building a nest   

0957    ~ first freezing is frozen over the surface of the basin ~ i slap at it by my toe ~ in order to hear the sound of it   

0956    ~ i trickled out of the tap for keeping from freezing ~ though an icicle hanged down from it ~ in the next early morning   

0955    ~ the male Aphidoidea with white secretion ~ also my unshaven face ~ have not mouths   

0954    ~ i was gave free rein to be able to sleep ~ in the winter field drunkenly ~ if the hell with me   

0953    ~ two farmers are scrambling ~ to claim ownership of their field ~ without defining border line each other   

0952    ~ a willful man ~ has his way on the border line ~ of the garden and the field   

0951    ~ the wintry sunshine glimmered on the seashore ~ and the chilly lapping waves was cooling down ~ its warmth from the sun   

0950    ~ the chilly air makes snivels ~ and it makes a dripless drop ~ at the tip of the nose hair   

0949    ~ the snow-dust stirred up ~ among the gleaming black trees ~ that were covered with the rime   

0948    ~ against the dry wind in Jyoshu ~ Shimonita-onions are growing up ~ thickly and strongly   

0947    ~ an icy dew ~ contains the airy region ~ and takes in everything   

0946    ~ the vine crawled ~ and twines round the grid ~ it headed towards the winter haze   

0945    ~ since when Japanese woodcutters ~ have long ceased to chop down a tree with axes ~ thereafter mountains have stayed asleep   

0944    ~ the first snowfall of the season falls lightly ~ though cars line up bumper to bumper ~ on the arterial roads   

0943    ~ the fulminanting sound of the wintry thunders ~ reached fishermen’s ears ~ it’s the time to go yellowtail fishing   

0942    ~ the wintry fountain ~ is disgorging the water swiftly ~ and push water-weeds downriver   

0941    ~ Ligustrum japonicum produced its fruits ~ that look like scats of mice ~ they were ash-dry   

0940    ~ isobars on the meteorologic chart ~ jostles each other ~ we are hit by a cold wave   

0939    ~ if there is the north wind ~ or the sun ~ i have only one suit i stand up in   

0938    ~ it drizzles ~ an autumn leaf is stuck fast ~ on my umbrella   

0937    ~ it hails ~ and overspread along the country clay road ~ as the bead-works   

0936    ~ restlessness of defoliations ~ recovered their moisture ~ by the sleet   

0935    ~ strumming a tune on a ukulele ~ has been interrupted ~ by the chilly wind near shore   

0934    the laundry hanger ~ was twiddled by the wintry wind ~ as the rondo   

0933    ~ the seat next the window ~ is bursting with the wintry weak sunshine ~ through the window sill   

0932    ~ whiskers were frozen in the blizzard ~ so we could not open our faces each other ~ and horses were curbed   

0931    ~ today is the total eclipse of the moon ~ the whole family stepped outside our door ~ except me   

0930    ~ when the master put more chips in the fire ~ it burst open ~ guests drawn their backs back in some alarm   

0929    ~ on a wintry bright day ~ a doddering old man ~ hung his laundry out to dry   

0928    ~ it was chilly raining outside ~ i remained standing perplexity ~ with carrying heavy shopping-bags in both hands   

0927    ~ the river is dried up ~ it is engraved into the earth ~ deeply   

0926    ~ a ladle at the laver in the shrine ~ rolled off there ~ and has frozen to the ground   

0925    ~ if you are in busy morning ~ boiled new rice with a raw egg ~ it’s notably a nutritious breakfast in Japan   

0924    ~ the aspic of the Japanese flounder ~ is very delicious for the rice, though ~ you should take care not to get stuck in your throat   

0923    ~ i drunk with the flies ~ and ate Japanese hotchpotch alone ~ with the mustard had taken effect   

0922    ~ the soup-laminaria ~ slipped out ~ between the salted turnip ‘Senmaiduke’   

0921    ~ in the moonlight ~ i made the trip home ~ with a salted-salmon shouldered   

0920    ~ it’s the time of breaking up ~ the porridge of rice and vegetables was wiped out ~ and the innner bottom of earth pot was paraded   

0919    ~ the North-West winter wind ~ were standing out ~ from the Sea of Sagami to the Paciffic Ocean   

0918    ~ the kitei s flying flat ~ in the the winter wind-lull ~ and singing in a low key   

0917    ~ the call-up red paper was sent in~i campaiged imperatively~it happened to nobody but myself   

0916    ~ on the day of the season juncture ‘Taisetsu’~statue of Deity of Mercy ‘Kannon’~was clad in the green rust   

0915    ~ a man who was thinking to throw himself ~ hung between life and death~in front of the crossing gate that was falling down   

0914    ~ at the raw winter night ~they were mawling each other~in the warm bed   

0913    ~ guardian deity of children ‘Jizou-Bosatsu’ ~ gave the bushwarbler a little smile ~ to the winter-sundrenched bush   

0912    ~ a patch of the melting snow damp ~ formed the icicle-hung ~ the little wealth gave birth to the little care   

0911    ~ the specter of snow-lady ~ insufflates to kill the unmarrigeable-aged man ~ i feel the cold breeze   

0910    ~ due to stripping leaves ~ deadwoods on this mountain ~ come into their full views   

0909    ~ i felt the weight of someone’s eyes in the woods ~ i watched their direction ~ there was a deer   

0908    ~ there are a lot of withered ~ oak leaves on the mountain ~ the amout is awful quantity   

0907    ~ i cried until no tears are left ~ in the meantime ~ leaves have been stripping calmly   

0906    ~ the ligament of sealed Japanese oyster ~ was cut off with a knife ~ and was gaping instantly   

0905    ~ iron, gold, silver each and every ox was sealed ~ and was kept in the shelf of mountain-god ~ until the first work of the New Year   

0904    ~ waterfowls ~ are streaming down ~ corkily      

0903    ~ flying clouds ~ those are glittering in the sun ~ has brought the snow with them      

0902    ~ the dry gale from Mt Akagi ~ was too high ~ even to be unable to pedal my bicycle      

0901    ~ a lady’s 30 years long-cherished hope ~ finally came true ~ at the time of flowering of winter-cherry      

0900    ~ the mole is one of the vermins ~ was destroyed ~ by children with the straw rope   

0899    ~ farmers have done with the bird scarer ~ that has been set up ~ in the field on October   

0898    ~ i stopped keeping ~ my dialy journal in Jun ~ it likes a half blank-book   

0897    ~ over and over years ~ stone-steps of shrine wore down ~ there is a street-stallman’s calendar shop   

0896    ~ the bad-egg stands without working ~ keeps his arms close to the vest ~ until blisterfoot arrives   

0895    ~ a vanity and a slicker ~ brown matid ~ rides on the dog   

0894    ~ fishermen in the likeness of friends ~ lured dolphins into a trap ~ with intent to kill and to eat   

0893    ~ slightly bitter taste of sea-cucumber ~ struck me as tragicomical ~ with the salty scent   

0892    ~ the fire of kiku-charcoal ~ is dying down ~ likes the year draws to a close   

0891    ~ the dinghy was upset ~ by the seasonal north-west wind of Hayama ~ as quick as wink   

0890    ~ the craftsman was making ‘Washi-paper’ ~ moving from side to side on the bamboo mat mold ~in the pulp suspension pool   

0889    ~ in the live-box ~ Japanese flounder will not be able ~ to see the old year out   

0888    ~ a globe and/or glove that someone losted ~ got a hold of nothing ~ on the road side   

0887    ~ they turned their back ~ each other ~ to warm oneself at the fire   

0886    ~ there was the mountain ~ upon mountain of the bush ~ lay ahead us like folding screens   

0885    ~ a thousand of chicks ~ drowsed away ~ in the warm aviary all night      

0884    ~ we had wintry rain ~ overnight into the following morning ~ there was the icy moor      

0883    ~ the wintry night star ~ went behind ~ my viewable breath      

0882    ~ the Labor Thanksgiving Day ~ is the Higuchi Ichiyo’s obit ~ and my birthday      

0881    ~ kerria japonica ~ shed its leaves and their green branches ~ ramified to the each ray of hopes      

0880    ~ call notes of a bush-warbler ~ is the best music ~ in the died-down bamboo-grass shrubs      

0879    ~ i was basking ~ the beating sound of futon’s dust off ~ in the wintry sun      

0878    ~ little grebe ~ are you going to go under the water? ~ pinch your nose      

0877    ~ winter buds were repeated ~ the ice coating and melting ~ by the greening hand of God      

0876    ~ i was swept off my feet ~ by dried-up vines ~ there was the gallant dead      

0875    ~ fatsia drops down her flowers ~ by the blowing cold sea breeze ~ at the sunset nearshore      

0874    ~ Yukio Mishima died ~ lamenting the ruin of us ~ nothing have been able to be done      

0873    ~ on the high beams ~ overwintering swallows are softened ~ by watching our happy family life      

0872    ~ Pilgrim Fathers celevrated the first harvest festival ~ in the difficult circumstances ~ May Flowers survived and fruited      

0871    ~ a single mandarin drake ~ did not utter a single honk ~ single darkness has arrived      

0870    ~ a wall calendar ~ lattermost paper ~ flutters in the hot-air heating      

0869    ~ a watchman with diffidence ~ struck his clappers ~ in the rich neighborhood      

0868    ~ fire-watchmen ~ went their rounds ~ hunched their backs against the wintry chill      

0867    ~ the season of hair coming off ~ collects the combing ~ they are grizzlies      

0866    ~ remaining autumn tints ~ lay thick on the bench ~ i raked them and sat there      

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0865    ~ deciduous leaves of persimmon ~ were painted with various paints ~ now they wither and scurry in the wind      

0864    ~ frost formed under a mass of rock ~ it seemed slightly-moved ~ I imagined      

0863    ~ my knitted cap ~ some pieces of dried grass in the stiches ~ smells of the winter      

0862    ~ i wore padded sleeveless kimono jacket ~ on my European clothes ~ half-Japanese, half-Western      

0861    ~ turned on the oil heater ~ fed the stove with oil automatically ~ made a sound of the swallow      

0860    ~ dirty hands ~ put cold black coal to the fired stove ~ with coal-oil-stained newspapers      

0859    ~ flowering Christmas-cactus ~ under the eaves ~ in the wintry weak sun      

0858    ~ blowing Aeolus ~ the boat put the full right rudder ~ in the Mare Undarum      

0857    ~ a hand-knit sweater ~ ancient history is here ~ in an old cardboard      

0856    ~ balls of wool ~ half-finished knitting ~ fruitless one-way love      

0855    ~ rail way deep in snow ~ the owl train run ~ through the snowfield      

0854    ~ icy clouds ~ hanging high in the sky ~ Mt Fuji is there      

0853    ~ daffodils are ~ in light green sharpen buds ~ ‘s a crumb of my comfort in winter      

0852    ~ i watched the spud ~ in front of the oil-stove ~ in the indigent dying year      

0851    ~ a fir ~ set a fruit on its top ~ Star of Bethlehem      

0850    ~ traveling gulls ~ got roosting on the pile ~ they will not be there tomorrow morning      

0849    ~ nose pads of my spectacles ~ felt cold between my brows ~ ‘s wintry feeling      

0848    ~ zelkova serrata’s colonnade ~ has clad in electric spectaculars ~ there is the year-end sky      

0847    ~ Sirius is shinning in the sky ~ with his loftiness ~ looks contemptuously at subcelestials      

0846    ~ a scientist received ~ a flesh wound without any apparent cause after a gust ~ he believed in God      

0845    ~ a kitchener in Zen temple ~ was stirring ‘kenchin’ clear-soup ~ with a giant ladle      

0844    ~ ridges of the sea waves were shimmered ~ by the moon shining in the wintry gloom ~ like the samurai sword      

0843    ~ sweet potatoes ~ were roasted by a master ~ whose face flamed with stoking the woods      

0842    ~ bear hunters ~ performed ablutions at first ~ to dedicate themselves to God      

0841    ~ a piece of snow flurry in a clear sky ~ fell on my lashes floaty ~ like feathers      

0840    ~ a passenger is coughing ~ without covering his mouse in the train ~ others are holding their breath like skin-diving      

0839    ~ four days after the midwinter ~ racehorses are running with steaming ~ at the racecourse in front of a audience      

0838    ~ all his life St Shokuh ~ was simply attired himself ~ in the canned-paper-garb of a priest      

0837    ~ a custom of gathering fruite all but one ~ for the genius of tree ~ not only farmers but also azure‐winged-magpie doesn’t eat it adringly      

0836    ~ ctrus-nobilis have a thick and stiff peel ~ i try to eat and get my claws into it ~ fruitless effort      

0835    ~ in the kitchen at full blast ~ a kettle boils and produces a steam ~ in the lunar november      

0834    ~ i was dunned for debts ~ at the end of the year ~ it is the part of prudence to do that      

0833    ~ the first snow of the year ~ disappeared like a packet of salts ~ more rapid than the first love      

0832    ~ i determined ~ anxious about my olden mother’s breathes ~ by her bedside      

0831    ~ it is too difficult ~ to eat the boiled bean curd ~ with the japanned chopsticks      

0830    ~ i slipped off to sleep ~ with pillowing on my arm ~ in the lower-body warmer      

0829    ~ i left the art musium empty-hearted ~ look up at the boundless night sky ~ the moon was shining      

0828    ~ point-blank ~ stone-broked ~ person stands in a winter grove      

0827    ~ hibernating bats ~ are snoring loudly ~ in their comfortable cubby      

0826    ~ i blew off ~ to go to bathhouse ~ it was too cold outside      

0825    ~ a night-hunter ~ bagged a large game ~ lighted a cigarette with a slow match      

0824    ~ the rugby team lost a match ~ the players were weaping bitter tears ~ in the chilly drizzle      

0823    ~ the water for fire-fighting on the roof ~ is turning to ice ~ under the winter moonlight      

0822    ~ pine cones ~ are peeping out their seeds a little ~ in a warm autumn day      

0821    ~ the cold wintry wind ~ was blowing to the sea ~ had control over the wave force      

0820    ~ person stranded after missing the last train ~ the station where went black ~ was a cold shadow in the winter midnight      

0819    ~ hangers-on ~ uses flattery to get a ladder ~ he chafes up mentor’s foot      

0818    ~ some animal’s dried-up bones ~ were bleached ~ in the desolated wintry riverbed      

0817    ~ at the end of November ~ a farmer suns green-head-radishes ~ in the winter      

0816    ~ Labor Thanksgiving Day ~ is celebrated ~ on the unemployment lines      

0815    ~ a radish stew with stock ~ maintains the firmness ~ one of the best warmer-upper in the winter      

0814    ~ i assart the lotus root ~ bear up in the icy water ~ fishermen are operating sail-boats with the chilly wind offshore      

0813    ~ a medicine woman of the specific ritual for the furnace ~ wore the traditional Shinto costume ~ offer a beautiful additon to the barebones kitchen      

0812    ~ a hibach brazier ~ is out of inherent use ~ nowadays for a fishbowl         

0811    ~ in the winter on the tea ceremony ~ master sets down a teaketlle at the fixed place of the tea room ~ where covered with a cute tatami      

0810    ~ in the winter tea master ~ spreads the pine leaves over the moss-garden ~ every leaf bore an likeness to the character of hito (人)      

0809    ~ i kept a flyswatter has done with it ~ i rubbed my hands for warmth ~ on the anniversary of Kobayashi Issa death      

0808    ~ setting floating traps between two days ~ waterfowl were sleeping on the water ~ the sun will not rise for them | kigo: floating traps      

0807    ~ i can’t break my nightcaps ~ “shake your bad habit” ~ cause you say so | kigo: nightcap      

0806    ~ i bundle myself up ~ excessive loves from beloved wife ~ on cold days      

0805    ~ gropes to him ~ lives under the ground ~ a slimy weatherfish      

0804    ~ the ceremony of beginning to grow child’s hair ~ then he/she has a white-hairpiece on the head ~ I had by this time      

0803    ~ a warped falling leaf of big-leaf-magnolia ~ wraps raindrops round it ~ on account of next spring      

0802    ~ in the winter sunshine ~ I pulled the turnip out ~ its root vegetable was stark white      

0801    ~ in the mandarin orange hill ~ elders on a mini monorail train ~ were ascending to the sky      

0800    ~ a hawk sets a target ~ as quick as flash ~ against bright blue sky      

0799    ~ I have a cold constitution ~ cuddling up with a hot-stone in my bed ~ before having a stomach ache      

0798    ~ at a time of past ~ we discarded caplins without tasting ~ Japanese sea was bountiful and beautiful      

0797    ~ a floristess was holding flowers against her chest ~ they wanted to suck her nipple as babies ~ in the greenhouse      

0796    ~ defoliations kept falling ~ their faces are covered with frost ~ I got chill      

0795    Deciduous trees has defoliated. Drifted leaves are accumulating on the cultivated soil basad.      

0794    One of sects of Buddhist in Japan, St Shinran said, “Amitabha Tathagata elects to the good, still much more the bad.”      

0793    In Japan, the word of ‘Shishamo’ (spirinchus lanceolatu / shishamo smelt / capelin) fish based on Ainu language. It signified the willow-leave that was invested with deity by their God of Hosts on their myth. The time of willow-leaves defoliating, the fish run up in huge shoals in Hokkaido, so they named the fish ‘Sisamo’.      

0792    Globefish’s sashimi (sliced raw globefish) is one of the assiette. In many cases, it places the sashimi on a white blue-colored Arita plate, and the sashimi teases off its white meat filmily. You know, The plate color can be seen through the meats bluish.      

0791    Kurama temple’s monks who practice asceticism are giving an inspection of fruited nandina trees. Because, they carry them as amulets on the event of Takekiri-no-Eshiki in every summer .      

0790    ~ a flower-head of tea ~ dropped on the recess ~ apologetically and graciously      

0789    ~ a dormouse ~ hibernates in a tree hollow ~ sound sleeping till spring      

0788    ~ a raccoon ~ with cunning face ~ looks around in my field      

0787    ~ I ate a good table ~ with great relish ~ a winter warbler chirruped in the bush.      

0786    ~ early flowering camellia ~ blossoms by the sloping roadside ~ an old man ascended there slowly      

0785    I played the shadow picture on the torn paper screen. A bird that complained about his ever-changing life reflected on it.      

0784    Flowers of tea were bestrewing their petals around its roots. Mt Fuji capped with snow was over there.      

0783    I pulled in my both arms in sleeves of the tight-sleeved wadded kimono coat, then I just shivered with cold.      

0782    This charcoal container that made of gourd gets off with a ingredient of sushi roll.      

0781    Persimmon defoliations have almost all colors on them except sky blue.      

0780    The Ligularia tussilaginea that has yellow flowers like the positive glow grows behind the rock shadow.      

0779    I am dreadfully near-sighted. So I don’t see any faint light in the distance. Though someone teaches me where Sterope is and how shinning it is, I can clearly see it in my inner night sky with looking up at the real winter sky.      

0778    A cultivator that covered with the corrugated wall goes unattended at the center of the winter rice-field lonesomely.      

0777    The river water is low with drought now, but there is a line on the bank, that is the watermark of the other day’s flood.      

0776    When the tea-ceremony master stirred the charcoal fire, I heard the Aeolian sound of wind from the outside bamboo fence.      

0775    I swept the garden purly, after that, Camellia-sasanqua scattered their petals quietly. I had my afflictions sanctified.      

0774    Plovers were twittering and walking at the seashore. It’s a fact that they were there, but their footprints, in other words, living proofs were washed out by the ripple of the sea in no time.      

0773    I fight my way through the rocky shore sealine in the wave splash. It’s the warmer-than-normal winter.      

0772    As dawn breaks, snowcapped mountains got the Morgenrot in the finely and winy winter air.      

0771    If you venture into the winter wilderness, you should be prepared yourself to encounter with any difficulties.      

0770    The bamboo blind that covered the object-enshrined of the shrine (Jinjya) caught a gust of wind and its edge has turned up a little. The deity was home then.      

0769    Maybe, any girl has forgotten her skipping-rope and leaved it at the park. The pink fiber rope was glittering with the winter sunset helplessly.      

0768    There was a look of massive delight in the face of the child who was holding his both hands with his parents on the Seven-Five-Three Festival (ShichiGoSan).      

0767    Oh, how cute this puppy is! I frolicked with him on a warm and cloudless winter day.      

0766    A fisherman was pulling the mooring line with the first frost in the early and chilly winter morning at the mini-wharf.      

0765    On the Indian day’s afternoon, I slipped off to sleep on the unblighted grass at a teeny-weeny promontory.      

0764    There’s nothing worse than unrequited love. Everyone should know when to give a crush up.      

0763    Bright-red roses bloomed in some one’s yard, they overstrewed their petals all over the show as the red carpet.      

0762    The winter sunlight began to shine the outer surface of the paperdoor with sliding window(Nekoma-shoji). I slided it up and let the sunlight come into the room directly. It became warmer and brighter around there.      

0761    I gave my mother to get warm in bed. I made a hot-water bottle and inserted it in her bed.      

0760    My house cat is sleeping on the furnace with remaining heat. So, I eat rice-balls and pickled-vegetables those are eaten without being cooked.      

0759    Tu-whit! tu-whoo! the horned-owl talks in his sleep during the day.      

0758    We sat around the fire at an farmer’s house in the Tohoku district. Whole his family were the good, they were assiduous in their attentions to us and his wife treated us with natto in the bean paste soup from the pan above the irori fireplace. Though… All of them, auld lang syne beautiful climates and goodnesses … were swept away by a Tsunami at once …      

0757    In winter, they fill windows which were faced north in the wall to prevent drafts. But it was no better than a placebo, drafts blew from anywhere.      

0756    The lid which was covered the pan is singing, the porridge of rice and vegetables has boiled up.      

0755    The lady wears classy colored kimono-coat is very beautiful as a reflorescence in the winter sky.      

0754    Are you also a love-lorn? It is just one of those things.      

0753    Winter is the grim season. It has the uncompromising stance.      

0752    The sight of the cape where was a beauty to it was winterly beyond description.      

0751    It’s winterly this morning. There was crisp coolness of winter that I was shaped up by.      

0750    I cleaved Taiyaki in two pieces. One was the part of head, the other was the part of tailfin. At first, I ate the head part that staffed with bung-full bean-jam (an).      

0749    Since the transfer of the capital, Kudarano was brimful of effete air and got forgotten, at the end, it slipped from the history.      

0748    Live and learn.      

0747    My fingers get chapped in winter. I look at them that already have pains on the first day of winter today.      

0746    Pine needles are exposed to the winter rain. At that time, I looked at them with a small winter gift that I take a notion to present her undecidedly in my hand.      

0745    I took a peep at an old man who roved through the desolate field from my train window on the anniversary of Basho’s death.      

0744    Mothers who leaved their children in someone’s care were attended at a O.G. tea party. They spent their time chatting youthfull      

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Autumn ↓ ↑ Winter

0743    I saw the waves in the distance and am looking at them all the time. Now they are here. It is the end of fall.      

0742    Autumn is well on, the flow of the waterfall has dwindled.      

0741    At the tea party, the master of ceremonial-tea drained off the hot water in the ladle and placed it on the kettle in peace.      

0740    I reduced shochu-spirit with citrus-sudachi and beat them up like whirling waves.      

0739    Those are eminent trees which put on autumn colors vibrantly. Though they are going to be stripped of leaves once, they are nothing but brooms which sweep up the winter air.      

0738    Nuts which are exposed to the autum rain are falling drop by drop from their trees.      

0737    Sightless person can see the moon, too. Because it is there.      

0736    In my eyes, it appers that glssamers seek to find clews to clouds.      

0735    Farmers are gathering their crops in order to condemn with tears in Fukushima region now.      

0734    Offing-going-porgies at that were aimed by fishermen had dived into the ocean floor.      

0733    The shop where closed down was quite empty and poorly-lit through dusty show windows. I felt the cold world at the autumn nightfall.      

0732    Three beanbags which was charged with newly-seeds of Coix lacryma-jobi were rising up into the air.      

0731    A corner of a cake of tofu that was made of newly-harvested soybeans was broken off a little.      

0730    I roven through the autumn fields. There was only a rustle of leaves in the breeze.      

0729    Farmers separated their fields by granny-knotted bamboo barriers from destructive deers. Though, on the following morning, barriers were broken by cornuted stags.      

0728    I watched her. Her rouged lips were splendid as if it were red leaves in the autumn sunlight. I got the urge to salute her closely and blazingly.      

0727    The lunar September 9th is at once the Chrysanthemum Festival Day and the Girl’ Autumn Festival Day. In the past, On that day eve, people used to overlay chrysanthemum flowers with cotton, saturate it with dew, and they wiped down their bodies with it on the very morning under the old superstition that the night dew was filled with the spirit of viridity.      

0726    November 3rd is ‘Culthre Day’ in Japan. The anniversary aims to promote the peaceful Japanese culture.      

0725    When a woman has once lost her virtue, she will shrink from no crime.      

0724    There is so much more to life than bitter experiences.      

0723    An old stooped old woman dried persimmons on the underneath of the hack in the sun.      

0722    A gentleman who invited to a tea ceremony eats a yellow-pottery. No, no nothing like that. He eats a Chenese -lemon-cake within miso served with tea.      

0721    The hunter tumbled himself that he did indulge in wanton waste of life. He took the lives of innocent birds and animals under a situation where there was no need to take. He was fond of taking lives. He who got wise changed his course of life. He went to the sab.      

0720    I passed through the marish autumn field where a hassock of red-flowered Polygonum-thunbergii were blossoming.      

0719    Shin-soba is in season! Let’s go buckwheat-noodle-restaurant where we eat shin-soba and drink some nuri-masu-measures of fresh shin-shu!      

0718    (i.q. 719)      

0717    (i.q. 719)      

0716    (i.q. 719)      

0715    (i.q. 719)      

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0714    I have been waiting all my life for someone like you.      

0713    You begin by succeeding in something that is difficult, and then you work for your own interests. Never put off evil days.      

0712    The Baronage that got a lady’s profuse oaths shouted at his counsellors angrily, “Who says that a harlot is false?” he who held his head high was on the verge of his catastrophe.      

0711    I used to go to the rest room from my warm bed as I kept my hands in my sleeves in the late-autumn chilly night.      

0710    In Japan, crop-situation-inspectors powered over farmers with hiding behind their authority of the local governor in early modern ages.      

0709    I was overtaken by an early-winter shower near the shore. There were a lot of dried-horse-mackerels that had eyes full of tears.      

0708    Autumn leaves began to sink to a nadir of the brook calmly and silently.      

0707    I had sat alone quietly by the brook, just harboring a crush on you, then the water turned bell-clear.      

0706    I bathed my hands in the water in order to come back to my normal self, but the action produced me the fever was raging inside.      

0705    I cracked nuts struck together with clapping my hands.      

0704    It grows colder and coolder with each passing day. I am an untidy sleeper, though I sleep in bed normally these days.      

0703    I picked holes in bamboo joints to make a new bamboo blow-pipe for building fire. Winter is right around the corner.      

0702    Shrike sacrifices his games to the gods. After that, he keeps them intact and distributes them among other birds.      

0701    From the evil woman guard yourself, and the good one never trust.      

0700    I am in a brown study in the depth of autumn at the blazing fire.      

0699    He broke a big persimon off at the head of the tree with bamboo pole. I warned him never to drop down it in life.      

0698    A ginkgo leaf that turned yellow has defoliated on my drawing palette.      

0697    An autumn sacred bird (Inaohosedori) let drop his harvest by mistaken. Hey, you have a friend to cry together here I am.      

0696    The hanting falcon is in full feather, so he is good as new. He is waiting eagerly for winter hunting in his roost momentaly.      

0695    I ordered a cup of rice boiled with chestnuts of this autumn harbest. Blow me! There were not any whole-chestnut in it. I that think none ill … am soonest beguiled.      

0694    When you removed your makeup, suddenly autumn mountain is with a vividness.      

0693    When I held the decor of the autumn leaf on the Japanese food with vermilion-lacquered chopsticks, they looked me as though they were the branch of the leaf.      

0692    In the autumn sunshine, bedders had dainty figures in the flowerbed, so I got the urge to mat up them.      

0691    I felt the feeling that winter is coming through the sole of my hiking boots on the hill.      

0690    Leaves are beginning to turn red, so I give it time to turn full colors. Though I let their primes pass as I let my life pass by. / Idleness is the devil’s workshop. / Security is the greatest enemy.      

0689    It was just the drunken ‘Dutch courage’ talking. Uh… nonetheless I wish I could sink into the floor now.      

0688    This thinned-out mini-radish takes center stage of the Japanese boiled & mixed vegetables (Ohitashi) for tonight’s nibble.      

0687    The highlights of this show are chrysantemum dolls that craftsmen made them with utmost cares.      

0686    The Crane often let the welcher down.      

0685    Give me liberty, or give me death. Am I a selfish? Am I nuisance to you? I think freedom is a jewel, not a shellfish! .      

0684    Though liberty is not licence for being alive, so leaves are hanging between life and death.      

0683    If we could not get any fruits, we would brush with death. Defoliation will be no better than plant food with the exception of only this leaf which fluttered down to my book.      

0682    I want to live a manfull life when I would meet my death. Give me liberty, or give me death! I don’t care what follows. apres moi le deluge.      

0681    We have an abnormally hot autumn this year. It is almost certainly due to one of the grobal warming trend.      

0680    The woodsmen have gone down mountains. The forest has been covered with frost in the depths of mountains and has snow subsequently.      

0679    Farmers have been outfitted themselves for the journey to the hot-spring-cure atiptoe for allaying their fatigues.      

0678    Maybe the woodpecker does not get a concussion.      

0677    Woodpeckers are pecking trees for the wintering more times than I can count, and trees are shedding their innumerable leaves for their next numberless buds.      

0676    I took a walk and gathered Ginkgo nuts near the station. I bent myself to gathering them gradually, the next thing I know was that I was at the Palace Plaza.      

0675    This pestle is made of Japanese-pepper. I ground their seeds with it. Parents tend to err on the side of the child.      

0674    He stuck a lot of grass seeds to his whole body and gaped at the beautiful maple-filled gorge dazzling in the autumn evening sun.      

0673    On the autumn evening, I talked about the past prosperity and close barflies alone with the tippler in his bar that had become completely declasse.      

0672    She tried to weed out Persicaria-senticosa, though it was disobedient to her perfectly.      

0671    The butterfly was cracked up to be beautiful a while ago, now, she come down in the world. But she died nobly at last gasp. She might not be what it once was, but she was still first-class postmortem.      

0670    In my boyhood, every boy developed his skill in whipping cast-iron tops, that means he attained proficiency in rasping on their edges.      

0669    I put away reed-sliding-doors in my house. The Ranma accepts their roles of ventilating during the winter.      

0668    Pine tree has greens throughout the year. At a time, snowcapped Mt Fuji that has successive beauties of the year shows fitfully through pine trees. The constants and variables contrast strikingly.      

0667    The leaves and the flowers dropped to the ground under the autumn cloudy sky before winter. ‘Nature hates all sudden changes,’ and It says only hello and/or goodbye.      

0666    He is well known as a ‘persimmon-eater’ to the local population. So, when he gets home from shopping genially, he almost always packs his shopping bag with persimmons in late autumn.      

0665    It becomes cold in the morning. The metal shrinks with cold and shortens in some small measure.      

0664    It is be hoped that I would set aside time to be with you in such a lovely autumn day.      

0663    There are a lot of tillers send out in the rice field. Putting it another way, it’s open field.      

0662    The insect inserted her ovipositor into the earth with putting forth her final effort.      

0661    A lot of golden stairways to Heaven descended between clouds at sunset on Michaelmas.      

0660    The autumn bright-water streams down the gorge. Curiously, once the water goes into the sea, it turns marine-blue.      

0659    I keep my legs in the autumn leaf-strewn pass with a quiet-vanilla heart.      

0658    A spottie suspected I was there. She got spooked and run off there with scattering leaves.      

0657    Birds are pecking at the pickings in the every autumn field eagerly. They store up food for the winter months.      

0656    I look at a moon twenty-days old sets in the west. I think of my friend whom I haven’t seen in donkey’s years.      

0655    Colorful Japanese persimmon leaves are fluttering down. There are no two leaves with identical color.      

0654    Everything has silhouette in the autumn sunset. Two of our shadows are falling on the earth now.      

0653    A snake-gourd dangles its bright red fruit in the autumn blue sky.      

0652    I simply topped with grated-yam-soup on rice thickly. Oops! The soup lipped over the cup.      

0651    The autumn sunshine filtering throgh the scattered foliage penetrates into my impecunious room feebly. Autumn is well on.      

0650    A unmoving clapperbamboo (Souzu) leaves under a conduit with a slope. I wonder the owner deaden the generated sound from it for the dealing with noise complaints.      

0649    George Yanagi (Japanese Soul-Blues musician, singer) has dead. He was 63 years old.      

0648    I put Lemon for you come into my life.      

0647    Deciduous trees have put on autumn colors and they are dropping their leaves from branches one by one.      

0646    The shape of a maple leaf is as cuddly as a baby’s hand. I admire the tinted autumn foliage.      

0645    The beautiful autumn colored skirts of mountain have been opaque by autumn rains.      

0644    Every woman ruined herself by trying to ape Seishi’s betters. The apes did not get in touch with herself from envy and covetousness.      

0643    At the time of Reading by lamplight, I have to take turns two glasses. One is for nearsightedness and the other is for far. Holly cow! I’m getting old.      

0642    Making chrysanthemu-vinegared dish is not as simple as it seems. If you dish up easily, the petals tastes bitter in the mouth as medicine.      

0641    There is an old separately-grown solitary pine tree by the sea. It makes itself understood with silence to me.      

0640    Sandie was sitting on the lawn at the tip of the cape and her hair was flowing with the autumn sea breeze.      

0639    The sunset-glow is kindling land and sea. The autumn sunset is fragile.      

0638    I wake in the middle of the night and lay awake for a long while. Am I getting old?      

0637    The more autumn was well on, the more fishermen increased near the beach. Fishermen held festivals that they untied their tangled-fish lines at the autumn beach.      

0636    The worldly priest admire to devote mortuaries to him, forgetting about his responsibilities.      

0635    The smoke permeated the hollow from straw banks. Farmers burn to clean unnecessary debris on their field.      

0634    It was cloudy that morning. I was in two minds which starting in my journey or staying there.      

0633    His honeyed words are not to be relied upon as the drawn water with the bamboo basket.      

0632    The sunset turned sea waves a pink hue. Then, a feeling of solitary desolation came over me.      

0631    An acquaintance died in apparent suicide. I felt gloomy in a turbid mood.      

0630    Fresh fig milk trickled down its mother earth from the section where I lopped the fruit off.      

0629    I made a scented coffee. I had a view of Poplar stood out against the autumn blue sky on the street with yellow-tinged leaves. Oh, it’s autumn!      

0628    Chrysanthemum is blooming, the moon of the fourteenth day is rising, but they are days after fairs. Nights has lengthen.      

0627    The deadline was the next day morning. I felt all petered out after having worked through the night as a flunky.      

0626    A mosquito whispered me that I was not long for this world… into my ear. I killed her…with ‘Bushi no Nasake’.      

0625    People who should be under the mask of innocence confess themselves their guilty consciences on October 20th at Kajiyaden, Kyoto. Purely often, much as they confessed their guilt, they cautioned themselves.      

0624    The thirteenth moon night not had that much time left. It became cloudy, began to rain a short time later.      

0623    Oceanfront plants were damaged by the briny with the strong typhoon wind. The autumn rain sponged them mildly.      

0622    I timed my getting out of a bath. Though I couldn’t make up my mind because it was chill that day.      

0621    Vermilion parapets of the shrine were moist with the morning dew. I got a distant view of snowcapped Mt Fuji beyond them.      

0620    The sky became less and less dark, the city was beginning to lighten gradually.      

0619    At the tip of the horn, I watched the moon of the thirteenth night with stars in my eyes but plaintiveness.      

0618    She pretends to be seeking the falling star in the sky. She actually has been waiting for a man closest to her heart comes to see her.      

0617    One of branch of maple tree has soaked in the clear water. Their leaves are beginning to turn color now against the backdrop of the sunken stone ornaments finely.      

0616    All Buddha statues are wearing unlined clothes (Hitohe). Though they are performing the ascetic practice, I feel sorry for them.      

0615    Insects stop chirping in the field. They has died out after laying their eggs in the earth. I feel left out alone in the chill wind.      

0614    Colored leaves of mountain-ash are defoliating on the stock of firewood flamingly.      

0613    I got asked a foreigner for directions to Ginza. Though I am all ‘les feuilles mortes’ to me.      

0612    I felt an irresistible longing. So I went to dry my tearstained sleeves in the sun under splendid fall weather at Sodegaura.      

0611    I paid my respects at maple-filled Amanoiwato-Shrine in Takachiho and clapped hands twice before Amaterasu-Ohmikami.      

0610    Steve Jobs has dead. Become a stellar and rest in peace.      

0609    There are calm and dreary autumn notes between booming of the sea. Those notes made me feel tranquil.      

0608    There is no accounting for tastes.      

0607    Fill a bowl with rice, then put a grated ‘king of yam’ with boiled kochia fruits and yolk on rice, and pour a little soy sauce. Yamakake-Tombri! Uh, delicious.      

0606    We get the loofah water from its root. It is used as toning lotion, cough mixture.      

0605    Petals of chrysanthemum fluttered down from the bouquet to the altar where I offered it yesterday’s fair.      

0604    Geese are flying orderly in their angular flight formation and cut across in front of setting sun.      

0603    Komurasaki (Apatura ilia) could not have a successful career in Plantae. She wanted to be like Murasakishikibu (Japanese beautyberry).      

0602    I put chestnuts in my basket at the orchard. In an instant, the basket was filled to overflowing with them, it was too heavy to carry.      

0601    Today is the Feast of Chrysanthemums. If it will be rain or cloudy, let’s drink the sake dipped petals of the flower one cup after another tonight.      

0600    Scarecrows were each armed with whatever weapon came ready to his hand. The weapons purposed to drive out the sparrows from their master’s rice-field. Though they had powerless effects.      

0599    The crossbreed of wild and domestic ducks have done their duty that weeded the rice-field. They take a bath in the outdoor washtub. Their next job is …      

0598    When I was definitely going to push the buzzer to get off at the next bus-stop, someone got push it first by a hair. Autumn is well on.      

0597    A white heron was soaring airy. After grow of the sunset was at high altitude, she was subjected to the light.      

0596    I am ardently in love with the autumn goddess Tatsuta-hime, so write love letters with leaves to her, and drop them into the pile of fallen leaves in the gorge.      

0595    It is a very difficult to replant the old pine tree. Though the autumn rising tide is going to wash its roots. It must survive in extreme environments.      

0594    I breathed out in the autumn morning twilight, though it was still not steam-breathing.      

0593    The rice-harvest is over. There are the plots of land that remain idle everywhere I look. It’s the end of autumn.      

0592    I strolled along the campestral pass, it was well on my way into autumn step by step.      

0591    In autumn cloudy day, every passer-by is walking with a stoop solitarily.      

0590    In some regions in Japan, the Bon festival begins to take place every year from lunar-July the 1st. The day, fiends lift the lid on the iron pot. Boiled lost-souls are getting off there, after that, they can go back home for 13 days.      

0589    Following the equinox, winter draws nearer. From this time of year, we hardly ever hear thunders.      

0588    We have been tracking down missing persons who got carried away on tsunami. If we can find them, we want to wrap them in blankets soon.      

0587    The ayu (sweet fish) season has waned. Ayu are spawners with death approaching, so they have sorry and gruesome looks.      

0586    The mountain-valley wind shows its own true figure with zillions of wafting sunlit blow balls in the air.      

0585    The sunny place has been swarmed with the autumn sunlight, finally, overflowed. Just then, it was diffusing the aroma of orange osmanthus in the air. Oh, it’s lucky, it’s not radioactive cooling water or radioactive air.      

0584    The big zelkova-serrata tree was starting to lose its yellow-tinged leaves with getting caught in the sunset.      

0583    Love your parents as dearly as your parents love you.      

0582    One must be well fed before one can be well bred.      

0581    There is no accounting for tastes. / Love blinds a man or woman to all imperfections.      

0580    The autumn migrant-birds are wearing mockered-up various colored feathers.      

0579    A crescent moon showed her face in the air under the veil of eared silver-grass. It’s middle of the autumn.      

0578    The fund launches the Red Feather campaign from today. They abide doing the old-fashioned street-donation in front of the station.      

0577    Each and all red-dragonflies have been perched at the pointed rods that he or she likes.      

0576    I felt the desk-light quantity was higher than usual after racking my brain working on ciphering problems in calculus.      

0575    Japonica (Ine) has a fibrous stalk that is heavily laden with its own fruits.      

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0574    I had too much unrefined-sake and drove the big bus. So to say, a sake-bottle sunk to a nadir of the crock that brewed it.      

0573    Those sweet potatoes were bad crops that growing up at unplantable field. Though a lady who had a shapely figure bought a couple of them.      

0572    Forecaster said it should be slightly-chill tomorrow. Today is the last day of September.      

0571    Petals of Japanese-gentiana blossoms died down. Their color turned rusty.      

0570    The cluster-amaryllis, alias name is fox-flower. They are blossoming along the slope at the premise of small Inari shrine. Inari shrine sacred to the God of Fox.      

0569    A man had stood under the waterfall, he was practicing asceticism. I felt fairly sure that he was not able to be in a brooding frame of mind.      

0568    Scabbard fish are also in season. So they are in grease, taste good. I loosen up my wallets for the reason.      

0567    Various weeds in the autumn field have been turned their colors and have bore well.      

0566    I am not all that misanthrope, though am an mutant. So, at the most, sparrows are all-comers.      

0565    The fuller was washing parts of clothes and stretching them on the fulling-boards. All warps and woofs had crossed at right angles on it. He achieved mastery of the fulling.      

0564    I filled a cup with sake, the moon reflected itself in the surface of sake, there is the goddess of the moon to it, so I emptied my cup without someone seeing.      

0563    I felt a slight chill in this morning, I put on my jacket. Though it got milder around noon, so I took off my jacket while working casually.      

0562    I stood gazing at flinging the ingathered rice on rice-plant racks as I was tripped up by the rice stubbles.      

0561    I scraped the flowers of polygonum-filiform off the branch, and splashed them like blood-red stains around there.      

0560    Two petals of the touch-me-not were waveringly cuddling together in the autumn wind.      

0559    Every being has one and only life. These gobioidei lost their life and they are batter-fried in oil. Let’s eat them in gratitude for their sacrifices.      

0558    Platycodon-blossoms are in bud overnight. He is single-hearted.      

0557    The leaves of pine trees never turn color in autumn. They are strangers to live together to an old age with increasingly graying hair.      

0556    In autumn, the dragon moves back to the bottomless retired abyss in order to hole up there with lifting one of his 81 scales on his jaw.      

0555    I peeled a pear in the afternoon. A sunray of the autumnal-equinox equally split it in two pieces rightly.      

0554    A driftwood has been cast up on the shore. It is bleached in the autumn sunshine like a dry-bone. This week is Aki-no-Higan (equinoctial week).      

0553    Today is Autumn Equinox Day. Leaves of gingko begin to turn yellow slightly.      

0552    The leaves have yet to start falling off the trees. Though the water of brook is clear as a bell, it seems as purely as if it have been waiting for them.      

0551    I put up the wooden shutters. Then I watched the channel of the shutter which have been used for a long time, it had a flavor of rustic zest in autumn evening sunshine.      

0550    Typhoon hit us and passed away. A lot of unripe persimmons blew down in the storm. I cleared them.      

0549    The typhoon has calmed down and now the sky is completely clear. There goes the departure whistle at the platform, the highball starts on schedule time.      

0548    Oh, grape, you are not alone. Your fellows who are all in one branch will wait for you in my stomach.      

0547    The first ducks come flying to the pond from afar a little while ago. I saw how they went for a while, they were there with a nonchalant air as though they have already been here from couple days ago.      

0546    I walked through the path between the rice fields. There was the sweet smell of new-mown this fall harvest.      

0545    We are getting a powerful typhoon, The water in the river is up fearsomely. I pray that no damage will happen.      

0544    Skelton-shrimp lives in seaweeds. He surrenders himself to clinging together weeds that were drifting at the mercy of the ocean current.      

0543    We are getting typhoon now. I support my cheek on my hand with listening sound of the falling rain.      

0542    It becomes autumn like. People who pass along the shore are wearing shoes.      

0541    The farmer bluffed sparrows into making sound of shooting-blank that took a post shots at them in the rice field. But sparrows brushed off his effort, only his dog barked with it in alarm.      

0540    Masaoka Shiki died on September 19th. I chewed on a green-persimmon, but it was so astringent that I spewed out it.      

0539    Mt Fuji was engulfed in vibrant colors of the sunset, it would appear to me that Mr Fuji was wrapped in petals of the Equinox-flower.      

0538    The dewy large flowers of chrysanthemum were still in bud.      

0537    I used the twofold straw mat as single on the autumn sandy beach, and sat on it alone.      

0536    The word of ‘aloha’ uses on greeting in any case in Hawaii, so it imports ‘good-bye’, too. Autumn has come.      

0535    I lighted the desk lamp that left by the departed grandfather who had the spirit of the Meiji Era. The faint light of the lamp glimmered the room where I kneeled on my knees.      

0534    There were a lot of forest-horses at Toi-promontory, they were thriving in the climate where had a splendid scenic beauty.      

0533    I wiped off the sweat. Then I looked toward the earth under my foot, an insect was wiping his face. “Oh, even with all in autumn, it’s hot day today !”      

0532    Wild insects were singing without any expecting payment.      

0531    When I was watching the moon in the evening, a gainly lady cut right in front of me with the whisper of jasmine perfume.      

0530    Someone that brings good news, knocks hard. Someone that does not bring any news, looks at the 18th moon still.      

0529    I watched the clouds drift by, there were black-spots like angel kisses. That was a skein of cockyolly birds.      

0528    A red crossbill was pecking at the pine nuts. He was sated with it, then he began to play at the pine cone.      

0527    It was the night with a moon sixteen days old. There was an endless number of shells on the shore, but everything had its drawback.      

0526    I display with Japanese pampas grass by the window for the divine ornament of full-moon event every year. And after that, I am sure to go to dispose it at the field where I reaped it.      

0525    I would like to be up early, because I have a nice girl friend to go for a short stroll together. She is Moon.      

0524    It became brilliant that butterflies were flitting from flower to flower in the autumn sun.      

0523    The autumn breeze scattered a leaf, it landed on the windshield of my car. I stared through the shield at it, it was pretty as a picture.      

0522    They have been staying here for long… Today is full moon on the fifteenth night, Ah.      

0521    I am not entirely smooth, and yet I pine for her as I watch full moon. Yah, I’m a mooner.      

0520    White cute flowers of buckwheat are swaying in the windy fields. When seen against them, Mt Fuji stands out in its bold relief by stark contrast with them.      

0519    They have been waiting for the moonrise, then he stood fast to his resolution, he eloped with her. They did the plan along they arranged previously.      

0518    A leaved and flowered branch of lespedeza is reflecting on the surface of the water as the weave of Japanese kimono.      

0517    A crowd of bumpkins was twittering on a roadside tree. Why did they sort it from others?      

0516    What a finely plant it is! The yellow flowers of cosmos got the autumn evening sun in the field, and it was shuddering in the breeze.      

0515    Whose beret is it? I said in the oak grove to acorns.      

0514    The light of the thirteenth moon was shining our amorous attentions.      

0513    In the autumn field, my shadow and little stone figures of Ksitigarbha (Jizo-Bosatsu) were looking at the declining sun in a row.      

0512    A fish broke the surface of the river and leaped into the air, after a while, the surface became calm, the autumn mackerel sky reflected itself on it.      

0511    I took up the volubile stem of the morning glories which came out of their season, then I found a late flower which was praying for her life.      

0510    When I slept under a coverlet with my clothes on, I was drowning in the fragrance of sea breeze. The half moon was in the air.      

0509    I laid awake looking upward into the darkness , the moon peered through the reed-roof.      

0508    Nocturnal dews are weeping from the apiculi of leaves. Autumn is advanced lightly.      

0507    Leaves of musa-basjoo were torn up by the typhoon wind. Though they were standing up against and bending to the wind.      

0506    Insects were gathering together and stridulating each other in the mountain. The loudness of their sounds magnified the actual mountain volume twice.      

0505    When I lie down on the grass near the shore with thinking of you, my eyes bedewed with dews.      

0504    The milk-white mist hung over the mountain pass. Taillights of the car in front of my motorcycle sunk into the milky mist sea.      

0503    The red color of chili peppers livened up their color that exposed to the autumn sun, brighter and brighter.      

0502    Before I knew it, a cricket came into my waraji threads that cast off, and he began to chirr there.      

0501    If you touch me lightly, for so small matter, I shed tears of gratitude as dews on leaves.      

0500    Patrinia villosa that sheltered from the storm is blossoming with its one-side against the wall.      

0499    A wagtail was keeping time with its rectrices at the top of the festival-tower.      

0498    I am to journey through my life by myself. Oh, moon, you look just alike me. In life, compassion.      

0497    The bride wore a pure white kimono with white stole full-autumn day.      

0496    The dog was wagging his tail to show he was friendly. His tail was attached to a few grass seeds. Maybe, he run through the grassland to see me with delight.      

0495    Juveniles have molted their feathers. Autumn has come.      

0494    Typhoon passed, though I could not forget her even if I wanted to.      

0493    Clouds is rinsing blue-sky with the cottony moisture. In the same way, I am wiping my eyes with my sleeves.      

0492    I felt lonely by myself at nightfall near the shore, I heard a rustle of reeds’ leaves in the autumn breeze.      

0491    I stood on the hill, I watched that vegetation were flattering and clouds were drifting in the typhoon wind.      

0490    Raindrops were starting to fall from the edge of the sedge hat that I wore. The harvest season has come.      

0489    Tree sparrows were belching after eating a butt-load of rice and they caught hell by the farmer accordingly.      

0488    The God possessed gigantic cedar has been swaying in the wind and rain of the typhoon. Yesterday was the critical day.      

0487    Kaze-no-Bon Festival is in Yatsuo. Bubbles are drifting at the mercy of the quiet flow on the surface of Nuhikawa-River. Yatsuo citizens are holding Kaze-no-Bon festival and charm the audience by their dance to their music.      

0486    The sound of rain was lost, and after a little while the sound of insects faded in.      

0485    In September, I found that there were plenty of pebbles on the shore.      

0484    Fall falls all. Everything is coming down at the periphery of the waterfall in autumn.      

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August ↓ ↑ September

0483    The shape of Orchid branch; The wooden figure of the Saint Kuhya; It’s kind of a parallel.      

0482    The ray of the morning sun skewered the morning dew on the leaves like Japanese hairpin.      

0481    There are white fleecy clouds in the air. A cloud is floating by itself. It seems to me that a little sardine strayed from their companions.      

0480    The water-logged sea sand has been getting really tighter and tighter.      

0479    Rain drops were aligning by the eaves.      

0478    I was overtaken in a light drizzle. So I walked through in the woods out of the wet.      

0477    A mole cricket said to me in tears, “I am so poor that I want any offerings and a night’s lodging, please.” I said, “You have usual wigglers and your own sumptuous cellar. Can you tell me what’s your beef?”      

0476    Oh, You, Elderly autumn cicada, Let’s hung on the old pine tree and cry. I become older, too.      

0475    In his old age, a man still has a long way to go to accomplish his objectives.      

0474    The pussy squinched on the floorboard within the ray of the autumn afternoon sun.      

0473    He is a shabbily-dressed trainee monk without, a hierarch within.      

0472    The critical day falls on the 1st of September. “Though N.Y.C was hit by ‘Irene’ yesterday. It is three days out of sync.” “In any case, it would be better off being struck by the hurricane.”      

0471    A lot of Yellow dogs have been getting their face on TV.      

0470    Four o’clock is in a beautiful sunset.      

0469    August has past as smoke, all too soon.      

0468    The well-kept canna flowered at the old street roadside.      

0467    They are all broken reeds.      

0466    The children have spent their summer vacation in a overly permissive family. As a result, they fall into sin.      

0465    She played the violin very well against a background of fireworks show.      

0464    He stroke a match and lighted a cigarette at the corner, and his face loomed out of the autumn darkness.      

0463    I grilled and ate a saury fish.      

0462    I had one of great fall foods. I ate taros boiled in the skin. I had one of great fall foods.      

0461    I ate a mackerel soaked in vinegar. I had one of great fall foods.      

0460    I found myself getting into my bed with the quilt up to my chin in the morning.      

0459    I forged across the river to meet my novia. Suddenly several autumn mosquitoes alighted on my arms and neck, I slapped them at Farmhouse Lord Shirasu ‘Buaiso.’      

0458    I forged across the river to meet my novia with steppingstones as an alternative to magpies’ bridge.      

0457    While I waited for her to come, I watched transparent colored autumn rain drops were rolling over on the surface of my see-through plastic umbrella.      

0456    I have found life is much easier as a single.      

0455    The time just flies by.      

0454    Hey, look at those clouds there, it seems that fish make a large schools! If we cast the net in the air now, we will make a fine haul! Hang it, we get skunked today….      

0453    Dainichi-Nyorai illuminated the ceremony that Buddhist burned incense and offered flowers to Jizo-Bosatsu.      

0452    Saruhashi has been bridged over Katsuragawa-valley by using ancient special techniques. I stood in the middle of the bridge, I thought that there was a little good in everyone you met.      

0451    Autumn sky is very clear, so we can see Mt Fuji in the distance across Sagami-Nada.      

0450    Anyone didn’t want to dip his or her feet in autumn seawater on the foreshore. They kept putting their shoes on.      

0449    Autumn mosquitoes didn’t find themselves that they were remnants.      

0448    He said to give him a jigger. To be sure, he drunk only one shot at the pub. But he was not satisfied with it. Then he did barhopping. After all he flaked out typically.      

0447    People get on well without the likes of me and Japanese pepper.      

0446    Everyone, keep your guard up with a little grain of pepper!      

0445    The grass has azurine dayflower inlays on its surface.      

0444    It may not be what it once was, but it is still first-class.      

0443    Pine cones were shrinking with chilly sea breeze.      

0442    I have no one, even the gods laugh. Though I am footloose and fancy-free.      

0441    Be gone!      

0440    It can be said that a marriageable girl ties her right partner with a red string. She will find him on Kaze-no-Bon Festival.      

0439    If you visit and view the Kaze-no-Bon Festival, maybe you call up the love-affair of your younger days.      

0438    One autumn night, I looked at the moon reflected on the surface of the water, and lost in a brown study.      

0437    I like sweet potatoes, either baked or steamed will do.      

0436    We were talking a lot of great games with each other by drinking the ‘monkey’s wine’.      

0435    That street lamp illuminated the surrounding area. It appeared to be dripping with mercury on the pitch-dark night air.      

0434    An egret was soaring high in the sky at the Shiratori-Tohge.      

0433    A lot of ‘kuzu’ flowers were blooming with sweet fragrance under leaves.      

0432    I cleaned father’s thumb stone with lifting glasses on my head. My eyes too have been dim with age.      

0431    Ornebius kanetataki stridulates with its wings tinkles in the darkness. Its sound likes tinkling a bell.      

0430    I vacillated between cold drink and hot drink in front of the coin machine. Autumn has come.      

0429    All sand fell from the top case to the bottom case of the sandglass smoothly.      

0428    It will become cooler than last week, but I remain single.      

0427    I say what I thinks without pulling my punches, but I that hurts another hurts myself. It’s no-no.      

0426    In the rain, I looked at the passers-by vacantly at the corner where standing on street corners to get my belief heard.      

0425    The branches are to split up with leaves for good in autumn.      

0424    I picked off kidney beans and boiled them. Then I ground miso with sesames, added seasonings. I ate them with miso sauce.      

0423    Lovely day, isn’t it! The Awa Dancers who dresses in matching outfits are wearing clogs with red thongs now.      

0422    The Awa Dancers were putting on braided hats, and they were wearing their hats fell forward.      

0421    The buzzing of cicadas didn’t reach my ears from the grove. Autumn has come.      

0420    I stroked my own each arm alternately, because I felt the chill sea breeze of autumn.      

0419    When I broke a branch off Camellia trees, then I got a punch on my nose by its fruits.      

0418    Oh, You, Dragonfly!, You have a dream that you take to the sky. You make your dream reality, don’t you? You are really lucky! I wish I were you.      

0417    The standing garnish of Emperor’s crest vibrated to the sound of the traditional court music.      

0416    I was floating on the waves and the strayed cloud was floating in the air on the Bon holiday.      

0415    I gazed idly out side with sitting tailor fashion and stroking the surface of bottle gourd.      

0414    All of sudden a camel cricket was jumping up from the dark.      

0413    He is a generous-hearted man, so he sets his mind that he should say prayers for the repose of insects’ souls at Suzumushi Temple in Kyoto.      

0412    I used the sensu (Japanese fan) in summer, but as it now, I would forgotten about it. So, it started to tinge with yellow on the corner of my side table.      

0411    As first Qin Emperor, I conferred the title on the pine tree, because when I was caught in an autumn shower, it sheltered me.      

0410    The sound of torrents were resonating in the quiet autumn gorge.      

0409    An unsound earthen bridge spanned the clear water river.      

0408    It infects my heart with a monotonous languor that a white lighthouse was standing by the autumn seaside.      

0407    The moon light was winking off, the surface of autumn tide off the fleet.      

0406    Mountain greenery got washed by rain in a while.      

0405    Hexacentrus japonicus stridulated with its wings after feeding on one another.      

0404    The white peach dripped its nectar that drawn by the blade of the knife.      

0403    The ripe water melon tore in two with its own maturity.      

0402    Oh, Summer, ship out, please.      

0401    The person of leisure in August agricultural off-season were talking a load of garbage in the Bon party.      

0400    Gozan-no-okuribi (大、左大、鳥居、妙法、船) are made with many jacklights on hillsides.      

0399    Autumn ripples made my eyes swim on the foreshore.      

0398    The ukulele sounds that slipped through pine trees reached my ear out of nowhere.      

0397    A green plumage of a heavenly maiden is hanging on the tree branch. Hey! That is a bunch of pine leaves that shudders in the sea breeze.      

0396    I was soaked through autumn sea waves, I twisted my white wet shirt.      

0395    As the lapping waves upon the autumn shore, I wish I could receive love letters from her.      

0394    Hawaii and Hawaiian music is always in the too far offing of the Shonan Coast.      

0393    It’s the longest day of year in Japan again.      

0392    Never be sodden with brine. Never be grass on the battle field. Where there is peace, God is.      

0391    There was a offering of bright-colored Bon-lolly alone and lonely on the altar.      

0390    A man who is devoted to his parents had need to return to his duties, so they watched him out of sight with parental affections.      

0389    Spirit of ancestors rode over to see us on the cucumber-horse that we prepared before the Bon. The horse outlived their usefulness, had been reposing himself at the corner of entry.      

0388    The accident disappointed me, the character of the Great Bonfire Event and the City of Kyoto made me feel tiny, powerless old-fashioned and moss backed.      

0387    I was a lonely weeder in the autumn field.      

0386    I raked the spirit into a pile.      

0385    I wrote the letter ‘autumn’ with a bamboo broom.      

0384    I caught the autumn by my digiti pedis that put on Japanese white-tabis.      

0383    Autumn stars are shining with playing in D minor 7th.      

0382    I am a grass cutter at my elderly mother’s in the Bon.      

0381    Pig might fly, If I have any child… he or she may make bonfire to welcome my departed spirit.      

0380    A Dragonfly cocked his head thoughtfully, maybe he scouted about for a aqua-colored sunglasses.      

0379    He or she that promises too much, means nothing.      

0378    I washed rice, then I sensed temperature of brisk autumn water.      

0377    Let us do away with ceremony! Drink a good glass of new-sake!      

0376    It is a Buddhist festival held to welcome back the spirits of the dead. Whenever will I take my place among them?      

0375    My mother shared her parasol with her husband’s gravestone when we visited father’s grave unconscious.      

0374    Meimuna opalifera is known as Houshizemi which means Monk cicada. It comes and buzzes after summer has gone.      

0373    When I traced the inscription of my father’s tombstone, cicadas were singing very loud.      

0372    Don’t be betrayed by your trusted and caressive daughter.      

0371    Sufferers and people who lost their rudder has been suffering from the Japanese government that all has been acting just as they liked, with no coordination between them.      

0370    The old ancestral portraits were changed from rusty to solemn faces by the light of Gifu paper lanterns.      

0369    The lantern light that threw a shadowgraph on the tatami fade away in the twilight. I lifted my eyes to the sky, the autumn moon was shining there.      

0368    Crying won’t do any good.      

0367    Wood in a wilderness, moss in a mountain, and wit in a poor man’s breast, are little thought of.      

0366    She was jumping in at the deep end, then she found the sight for the gods.      

0365    Poverty is not a shame but the being ashamed of it is.      

0364    There was the skin which a snake cast off in the lingering heat of summer.      

0363    A watering pot is buried in the exuberant grass.      

0362    The flower of lespedeza splashed its petals in the blue sky.      

0361    I swatted an autumn mosquito that suck my blood. It was tormented by my blood-pond in hell on earth.      

0360    A blue receptacle of lotus sees through my heart as a blue-skinned devil who has many eyes.      

0359    We have been from the summer frying pan into the lingering heat of summer fire.      

0358    I heard the tinkling the wind bell that packed up into a box. The sound suggested the end of summer.      

0357    The autumn first wind turned back the advertising flag of ice water.      

0356    Cassiopeia casts anchor at the autumn night sky.      

0355    I saw a falling star, then I have been trying to make a wish on it. But it wasn’t enough to get it done on time.      

0354    In the morning when the morning glory flowered, we looked at each other and made one blush each to each.      

0353    I went down into a garden with following the call of my dream wifeliness, foo-yang blossomed. Nowadays I increase chances to meet her.      

0352    The statues of 26 Martyrs steeped their hands again at the precise A-bomb exploded time in Nagasaki.      

0351    Stars come flocking from all quarters to Milky way, and they are floating down it.      

0350    Autumn wind offered Saigyo the wanderlust.      

0349    I place my straw hat back of my own neck, there is vast autumn sky above my upper air.      

0348    Stellar, Autumn stellar, why are you so high-hatting?      

0347    Where there is a will, there is a way.      

0346    As the shells on autumn seashore, anyone shall not likely to give me the time of day in autumn field.      

0345    I am crazy about composing haiku though no good at it.      

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Summer ↓↑ Autumn

0344    Every memorial day for A-bombs victims at Hiroshima and Nagasaki, no matter where I am, my shadow is printed on the surface of stairs at the chamber of commerce with strong summer light.      

0343    When haiku poet writers compose haiku, they use a glossary of seasonal words for them. The memorial day for A-bombs victims is one of seasonal words for haiku composers. What that mean is that we shall never forget the terrible A-bomb catastrophe forever.      

0342    I was enjoying the gentle cool breeze that blew down from upper terrace paddy fields.      

0341    Gentle sea breeze turned over leaves of my book on the table at the seashore. It helped airing my book.      

0340    The drenched Japanese flower surrendered herself to and went all the way with the water in the see-through glass vase.      

0339    A cicada is singing very loud now. Let well it alone, it will go to Hong Kong in a short while.      

0338    The mountain had a choral society of cicadas.      

0337    There is no buzz of cicada on this mountain, because it’s made of books.      

0336    The sign pole had been twirling in front of the barber in summer sunshine.      

0335    There were red flags that were leaved ‘no swimming’ undyed, and no lifeguard had been keeping watch over on the shore at the end of summer.      

0334    A beetle took flight in a flood of summer moonlight.      

0333    Wing tip lights disappeared into the end of summer sky.      

0332    Hawaiian shirts match well with someone who is working at the place where the name is connected with beach.      

0331    I turned out collected seashells on the seashore. I broke up with this summer.      

0330    I was a last passenger in the last bus on a summer night. I felt a burst of loneliness for a while before I got off the bus.      

0329    The old bridge was washed away by a flood. Two lovebirds on either bank had been waiting for that magpies would rebuild a new bridge across the Milky Way River.      

0328    The farmer kept the cucurbits cold with the water in the sink beside the well. They had been floating back and forth across the fresh water.      

0327    The grilled egg apple that dresses with miso goes well with sake.      

0326    The temperature of the water decreases progressively as the end of summer approaches. I turn up the temperature of the shower just a bit.      

0325    A soft and pretty peach is inch away from me. I just look at it. It nurses my soul when I am suffering misery.      

0324    A sea wave broke into ripples upon the shore. They wiped away my footprints on the water’s edge heartlessly.      

0323    Insects that happen to be there were dabbled with watering, they had a strange mishap.      

0322    I wove a plain white paper fan. The intrusive wind felt great.      

0321    I wiped the perspiration off my face with my handkerchief. Its stain made in imitation of Lake Biwa.      

0320    At the dead of night, I heard the last moment scream of cicadas.      

0319    You should turn back the starting point and drink a cup of green tea, even if you have gone over 7 miles ahead from the point.      

0318    A alkekengi fruit still had a little green part left atop it.      

0317    The sunflower had bowed its head, it would never be able to squint into the sun.      

0316    He has done with polishing his car gleamingly outside, poor fellow, we catch in a heavy shower now.      

0315    The dinghy did a turn at the mark of summer.      

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July ↓ ↑ August

0314    When I was a kid, I made the xigua lantern that scooped out its inside. I cut its part of surface in a crescent shape, it come to life with grinning.      

0313    I all of sudden realize that the flower of Japanese banana opened up in the summer air.      

0312    The summer memories has been fading away from my mind at the quiet seaside shed.      

0311    I am a mediocrity just another.      

0310    Her skin has been relieved to be moist with perspiration, so the anti-sunburn arm covers slip down to her wrists.      

0309    I tried on sunglasses, but their prices are gleaming high.      

0308    The stationmaster who was in white suites were pointing his finger for confirmation of the season’s transition signal on the platform.      

0307    It is difficult to take up the slippery okra with chopsticks.      

0306    Families who wore their everyday clothes were glared at the stormy surf that were lapping against the shore.      

0305    A crashed PET bottle was warping under the sunlight at the end of summer.      

0304    There was a wing that broken one-side of the ropes. It was hanging real straight still loosely in the light of mid-summer.      

0303    A couple of lights at the daybreak come running beyond the horizon on rails.      

0302    Somebody shook his hand off brushing away biting-midges right in front of his eyes.      

0301    I snuggled up to the golden-banded lily, she smirched my shirt with her rouge.      

0300    She who lost weight in summer worried about my loss weight in summer.      

0299    I napped at the seashore with the lapping of waves against the shore in the background.      

0298    I put in the time by walking around the temple grounds. Then I found the traps of the ant lion that we Japanese call as ‘hell of the ant’ under the cloister of the main hall.      

0297    The lacewing is one of the faint insects. It was attracted by lights wandered off into my house. It appeared to listen to my tale with holding still on the head jamb.      

0296    The spider was discouraged that I was trapped in its web at eventide.      

0295    The screen window let the wind in, then it trembled slightly.      

0294    A lady enjoyed a grand display of fireworks. I saw her profile that was illuminated with the seven-colored flash lights.      

0293    The last spark of Japanese sparkler flashed prettily.      

0292    The cicada had sung at the cliff.      

0291    She cut her hair at the end of summer.      

0290    The rice-plants that are all of a size have been growing profusely.      

0289    I gave my plastic bag within a little goldfish to a tottie who had not any game.      

0288    I cut a cucumber into round at a whack. Rings were rolling out from the chopping block. They were fresh!      

0287    Nippon Warrior’s descendants have been wearing a black crepe on the traditional horse race in Soma, Fukushima Prf.      

0286    All glories must fade.      

0285    Give me the leading spirits of the Meiji Restoration.      

0284    I gnawed red pickled gingers that were sprinkled over the pan-fried noodles on the first day of the hottest season Taisho.      

0283    There is no romance in treading the beaten track.      

0282    She is one of urbane lady with having a sense of shame.      

0281    Japanese Sweetish are one of annual freshwater fish. Though they pass away in their mid-life.      

0280    Students who have distinguished air are attempting long distance swims with stringed swimming caps.      

0279    I am dwelling in the depth of the cloud sea.      

0278    In Japan, Doyou (土用) means canicular days. We call the first day of Doyou as DoyouTaro. Autumn is near.      

0277    The ancient Chinese saw the cicada as the reincarnation of the beauty Qinyu.      

0276    Mantis has its axes out from birth.      

0275    I smiled listening to what his means with admiration. Because he inquired of me about his modern affairs.      

0274    The butterfly was quaking with hard rain.      

0273    I was watching the skyline where I have been to.      

0272    You Grouse gear, give me a piece of advice what options are available to me.      

0271    MAN-OF-WAR!      

0270    I am disgusted with someone’s importunacy.      

0269    He that lives in hope dances to an ill tune.      

0268    The reality falls short of the fame. How do you like them apple?      

0267    When a mosquito suddenly tried to bite her, she slapped it.      

0266    I don’t have the flabby tummy now. Of course I don’t care whether it looks good or bad. In conflict with it, I am smug in it when putting on a swimming wear.      

0265    The smoke of the mosquito coil run into the cosmos.      

0264    I attended the party of fish by use of the water glass.      

0263    A lady in Yukata who is coming up her loose hair is attractive to me.      

0262    The Dianthus would get the cup and would treasure the unity in doing.      

0261    I made the Miso soup with wiping the sweat off in the muggy summer morning.      

0260    Wine is the glass of the mind.      

0259    Tofu is certainly white.      

0258    Look at the cast-off skin of a cicada. Now that is one of the absence of absolute.      

0257    The music of the Japanese musical accompaniments came running down here and there from the top of floats of Gion Matsuri.      

0256    I was tired of waiting for the expected visitor, I had been three sheets in the wind.      

0255    It is the funny Japanese pictogram ‘う’ that is figure of the Anguilla on the labarum in front of the eel restaurant.      

0254    Commuters had pull the westward shade over the windows of the train down as one.      

0253    The bus driver gave a honk gently to the bus-user who had been waiting for it in the shade.      

0252    I bought a dried horse mackerel at the fish shop near the seashore, moving outside there, the evening sun was dazzling.      

0251    Man is a thinking reed, but suffers from the summer heat.      

0250    I could not sleep to be tormented by one and only mosquito.      

0249    I ate a fried dough cake with a snap as I saw the highest temperature in the TV news.      

0248    My ears are playing tricks on my memory in the blistering heat of the summer sun.      

0247    Chinese Summer God exerts his overwhelming heat, but he winces at our fire of passions.      

0246    They wanted to wear talaria for their foot.      

0245    They were of an age to understand what is love.      

0244    They fell deeply in love with each other.      

0243    There was the faith in it.      

0242    Midsummer greetings.      

0241    The more you complain of the heat, the hotter you will feel.      

0240    She takes the sun on her hat.      

0239    She has improved in her looks.      

0238    If you play with fire you get burnt.      

0237    Don’t kick against the pricks.      

0236    Attack is the best form of defense.      

0235    I say I don’t know what I don’t know.      

0234    Pity, they are too tall.      

0233    Stand firmly for peace and against lawlessness.      

0232    Life is transient.      

0231    Girls and Ladies are moody.      

0230    Old soldiers never die, they simply fade away.      

0229    There’s many a slip betwixt the cup and the lip.      

0228    No talking to the man at the wheel!      

0227    Too much water drowned the miller.      

0226    There is no telling which two will make a couple.      

0225    You have got to give love to get it.      

0224    The lady in summer kimono is wearing Japanese white summer socks under the cover shoes.      

0223    By telepathy the fly knew that I got the flapper ready behind my back, it run away.      

0222    I ate the overnight pickles at the coming to light.      

0221    No one can stay single-handed a falling Empire.      

0220    Let’s call their bluff.      

0219    Is it the fifth wheel, or the white elephant?      

0218    When it thunders, the thief becomes honest.      

0217    Nothing so bold as a blind mare.      

0216    Nothing venture, nothing win.      

0215    Smooth words make smooth ways.      

0214    Sea breeze plucked her sleeve of the summer cardigan offering to take her toward the seashore.      

0213    Brother and sister were running toward the seashore with their inner tubes.      

0212    The gust tore sea-goers caps off, they placed their hands on their straw hats in concert.      

0211    The sand was sprinkled on the bath floor, it revived the happy memories in the sea bathing.      

0210    I recycled the waste paper for my wind bell.      

0209    A little pot is soon hot. / The pot is calling the kettle black.      

0208    It’s name is gecko, felicitous name.      

0207    It has been waiting for the chance to show off again.      

0206    Zen monk have only to sit in meditation.      

0205    The child can’t swim, but he can float.      

0204    Know thyself.      

0203    I like the Daitokuji Natto salty.      

0202    A widower can not take care of himself.      

0201    Forget and forgive.      

0200    Wrap your chewing gum up in paper and throw it into the trash.      

0199    Man is fire and woman is tow.      

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June ↓ ↑ July

0198    Better to drink than to be torn between the large and middle jug beer.      

0197    It’s cool, she wiped off her lipstick at the setting place in her using glass.      

0196    Everything comes to him who waits.      

0195    Leave the ice within the highball intact in the heat, it melts twirling.      

0194    Smooth words make smooth ways.      

0193    No secret but will come to light.      

0192    In summer, if someone become anorexic, somen is one of the refreshing side dish.      

0191    I want to lead a prosaic though happy life.      

0190    Would you translate from esoterica into exoterica?      

0189    I went to the lavatory early morning, the outside of the window had been getting summer intense light.      

0188    It doesn’t rain but it pours.      

0187    Centipede appeared on stage from nowhere. I acted the part of FujiwarenoHidesato.      

0186    He suddenly calmed up, he is tolerating the ice-cream-headache.      

0185    Children were playing between the wave near the beach despite worrying of their mothers.      

0184    The summer heat loses our appetite and enervates us. On such an occasion, we take the cold-rice gruel.      

0183    I made this year’s ume-liquir. Though, there is a capped glass pot which preserves last year’s ume-liquor. It is a waste to throw it away. I set out them in sequence.      

0182    The shade of a glass of half-finished soda varies delicately with the angle of sun light. It is one of the spectroscope.      

0181    What’s done cannot be undone.      

0180    The scent of perfume remind me of a proverb that a youth without fire is followed by an old age without experience.      

0179    Those who play at bowls must look for rubs.      

0178    The sunflower was run through by the contrail.      

0177    I mix the blue verditer with water, by this time, there is the blue sky on the pallet.      

0176    A man slipped off his glasses to wipe off the sweat and he saw me with the empty gaze.      

0175    It is a broiling hot solstitial day today, I pray for evening to quickly come.      

0174    I heap a star plate with Eriobotrya.      

0173    Mountains are there under the blue summer sky.      

0172    The summer sunset leaves his flare in the furnace.      

0171    The owner of the fish store is washing the floor grates cleanly on the very evening of the summer solstice.      

0170    I have a large wash. Though My laundry won’t dry because of the humidity in the rainy season.      

0169    If your shoes get wet, you should pack the old newspaper into them and dry them in the shade.      

0168    My list watch ticks the warping time through the surface tension of the rain drop.      

0167    Spiraea cantoniensis flowers have mini-bulbar petals on its branches. In the rain, petals and rain dews take hold together along the branches. Their shapes are cute.      

0166    Change of weather is the discourse of fools.      

0165    The book got thicker by the moistness in the rainy season.      

0164    Bay the moon.      

0163    Clematis are blossoming with cobalt blue petals and look up at the evening sky now. I think of the island in the south where could see Southern Cross.      

0162    The lemna paucicostata were floating on the water at the rice field in the rain. Maybe they were chopped finely by the rain.      

0161    I watched Nerium indicum flowers in the rain. Just then An unknown lady came along, and she made a bow to me. to me ? to flowers? I returned a bow, but I didn’t ask her about it.      

0160    A stewartia monadelpha flower fell from the tree to an ash tray. I stop reaching for a cigarette in my pocket.      

0159    I went to the Iris Garden. There were Late-flowering Irises that were blossoming in a staccato appearance.      

0158    One swallow does not make the summertime.      

0157    There is one born every minute.      

0156    I received a soaked mail from the soaked mailman. Now the rainy season is drawing to a close.      

0155    The caterpillar was so sated with leaves that he began to eat the moon. So the moon is waning for the past few nights.      

0154    Irises are blossoming all over the place at the valley in the rain. What goes around, comes around.      

0153    One has not had any bitter experience, would like to be called fearless.      

0152    A drawing man will catch a straw. Though if you have a little of room to breathe, You should give a thought what you take hold of.      

0151    A man was committing a theft of rare plants among the mountains in the dusk. He was working hard with beads of sweat on his forehead. You should start to seek challenge elsewhere, else job what is done to live up to, not plants.      

0150    I have off today because of rain. I went to my favorite coffee shop. I had a cup of coffee with unwittingly hearing the foreigners’ conversation The coffee smelled fresh at first but turned sour in the ending.      

0149    The leaves of lotus were reflected in the water surface.      

0148    I got cool to see their under leaves. Briza maxima is known as Koban-sou. Their seeds have a similar shape to Koban. They are really lucky. Koban is the former Japanese gold oval coin. I can’t give what I don’t have.      

0147    Both mother and her baby made their debut to play with fellows at the mini-park near their house where is free of mosquitoes. It is commonly called “Koen-debut.”      

0146    The flower of spiraea japonica is exactly alike the flowers of Filipendula multijuga.      

0145    Cabbage was infested with insects. But they are not there. There were only holey leaves.      

0144    The flower of Iris swung in a breeze. I looked a lady opposite in full in the face. I shared a shy smile with her.      

0143    I looked into the hazy sun through the clouds of Baiu as sun glasses.      

0142    The Hypericum hydcode blossom in the rainy muggy season. Their light yellow flowers make us feel better.      

0141    The citrus hanayu has filled well this year. There are many tiny fruits on its branches. They are seen through its leaves.      

0140    The oxalis has a lot of pink petals. It is a fairly common weed among us. Though, It comes out in front of the white plaster, its color looms out of the whiteness on the plaster.      

0139    It seems that we have done our job perfectly, let’s go have a drink!      

0138    In the late afternoon, an early flowering Caryophyllales blossomed while swaying in the wind.      

0137    It’s as broad as it’s long.      

0136    Broad beans wear sophisticated fresh green colored thin membrance. Though, it’s going to boil them once, they get crushed as the old folks. / Viciafaba produced beans. They were ready to burst. But look at them now, I gave them a boil, they were all wrinkled. Pouting makes wrinkles.      

0135    I could well keep this umbrella at my office as the spares. The herbal-gardening is at fashion nowadays. Therefore, the edible herbs have been escaping to the outside of their planters in steps.      

0134    I find the Mallow blossoms on the wayside. It is one of the material of the herbal tea.      

0133    I, be it ever so hot, don’t expect to fan myself with Opuntia.      

0132    In Japan, Lychnis coronarian, o.k.a.flannel plant. I feel it’s too over hot to hear ‘flannel’ in summer.      

0131    Solanum carolinense is a treacherous hazardous weed. o.k.a.Dead Sea Apple, Apple of Sodom.      

0130    Horticulture is the art. I am a stranger in the rose garden.      

0129    The flowers of the chestnuts have the grassy smell. We learn to be patient in youth.      

0128    The shadow of the macrophylla’s petals like butterflies are sitting on them. I have a feel that Hydrangea macrophylla is clever than Hydrangea. Because, Mickle head, little wit. Too much is as bad as too little.      

0127    Hydrangea turns their petal color in ghastly pale.      

0126    Hydrangea turns their petal color in seventh steps. But I don’t know there is any changes on her as yesterday. Suddenly, I feel it is in a sour mood with puffing out its petals like the balloon fish.      

0125    Malvaceae are starting to bloom from the bottom buds. After that, they flower continuously upward.      

0124    Silene flowers are cute, they excrete a sticky liquid from their upper part of stem.      

0123    Rainy season has come by the run in Japan. Do you wish to act without rehearsal?      

0122    Nymphoides peltata is one of diurnal flowers. I will never see it again, and the petal’s yellow burned into my mind.      

0121    In Japan, we have a cultural tradition that is Koromogahe that have been our custom for a long time. On June the 1st, civil officers change to dress their clothes for summer fashion all at once, and they feel refreshed.      

0120    The machine for the rice transplanting is coming and going to plant in the rice field. The area is populated by flogs. They are sorry, they are running about here and there.      

0119    The cuckoo sings at midnight. What time do you go to the land of dreams?      

0118    Scutellaria flowered at the deep valley. It has a corrugated appearance on the sea.      

0117    Black flies appeared to aim at me in the valley. I was plagued by them when I looked at the valley where the Senecio nikoensis were bloomed all over the place.      

0116    There was an old-fashioned red post beside the grocery. It stood in the shadow of a tree. It was formed in a mold. I touched it. I was so tanned that it was so fresh and sweet to me.      

0115    Skull-cap was flowering at the side of the path among hills. It shape was as close as waves were lapping on the shore. I sank into deep thought of my aging.      

0114    Weigela coraeensis is one of caprifoliaceae. It blossoms white flowers at first, later it turns purplish red color somewhat.      

0113    There is a pond in the mountain. Tradition says the prince died during the war, the princess suffered heartache at hearing his sad news and drawn herself with her thirteen maids in the pond. On the border of the pond, Campanula punctata Lam is flowering.      

0112    I climbed the low mountain. There was the point of triangulation. I stood on it.      

0111    The weather was so good that I made a little slide trip to out-of-the-way spot where I wish to go since at time.      

0110    Nymphae, also known as plant of the Sheep in Japan. I counted out the flowering date in the bed.      

0109    The flower of the Persimmon has the shape of the bell. I didn’t know the flowers were out of bloom until I treaded them.      

0108    Amidabha Tathagata (Amidabosatsu) has the halo. A farmer planted rice in his rice field. He put on a cap with inverting the order. His head had the halo like Amidabosatsu.      

0107    I walked through the pass of rice fields. The croaking of frogs come to a complete stop around my walking surroundings. I never do their bodily harms at all. Go on your croaking without change, please.      

0106    I watched someone pass in front of me without making a sound in the Tsuyu-rain.      

0105    Lonicera japonica Thunb flowers in the rain. I hold my umbrella over her. She is silent with her eyes downcast.      

0104    There is a Siesta Rose hedge along the road. It looks like the roll of the small rose patterned cloth for kimono.      

0103    I did the crawl in the pouring rain of Tsuyu.      

0102    Tabanidae is one of the flies, not bees.      

0101    FujiwaranoTeika and ShokushinaiShinnou had been loving each other according to the story of “Teika”. Since Shinnou dead and buried, Teika transformed into Teikakadura and had been entwining himself round her tomb.      

0100    I forgot the word of arista in the barley field. I feel a picking sensation under my shirt, then cast off it.      

0099    On making Haiku uses the lunar calendar. There is about one month off between lunar and solar. So the verse liable to affront to our currently feeling of the season.      

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May ↓ ↑ June

0098    Let rustling Cirsium rustles.      

0097    May has gone. Heaven knows where with the wind.      

0096    Iris ensata Thunb blooms in a limpid stream. The alias of this Iris is Yatsugatake.      

0095    I dropped a potted lily of the valley and broke it to pieces.      

0094    Hydrangea flower blooms gracefully whether it’s raining or not.      

0093    Melia azedarach is blooming. It gives the appearance that the purple clouds are hanging low in the sky. In the evening, someone pass by the other end of the tree at a courtly pace.      

0092    The summer landscape is seen through the thin flower petal of the Calystegia japonica.      

0091    I hate to mowing in the summer. Though grasses are growing thick and wild.      

0090    I walked along the bush, then I found cross-shaped flowers in there. They are flowers of Houttuynia cordata that is one of the medical plants.      

0089    We lack the opportunity to wear rain boots with excepting for the coquettish use in the city life. Though in the rainy season, I wear the rain boots on the outdoor use. Rain puts a shine on my those shoes.      

0088    I did my task at the on-location shooting, so I has been ready to go home. At that time, the master and his wife of the confectioner where was provided for shooting came over to me with cakes in their hands. I received a lovely, hearty present from them, I was flattered in the chilly rain.      

0087    The rain slowed a little now. A sprightly young frog jumps.      

0086    Rain drop makes a splash like a crown when it run into the water. Though it has a heavy fall of rain, there are covered with a sea of crowns. In this instance, the union of the crowns is the best.      

0085    I made a cup of coffee. It was raining outside now. Rain drops were percolating in earth by a courtly pace.      

0084    There are many young leaves of Lotus in the pond. They are floating on the water. Additionally, the rain drops are floating on them. I’m not sure which is which.      

0083    We have a bumper wheat crop which turns yellow at the rural zone of Ashikaga City, as the trim of the armor for General Takauji.      

0082    Benthamidia japonica has pretty white flowers. Japanese say this flower as mountain-hat (Yamaboushi). because it appears that the mountain priest wear the white cowl.      

0081    Saxifraga stolonifera blossoms in the limpid stream. In winter they are buried beneath a covering of snow. But they perennate in the difficult situation.      

0080    Ardea cinerea gazed the sky open-mouthed. I too did so. It started to drizzle from the sky.      

0079    It is going to rain. The rainy season has come, so I should take an umbrella in my bag.      

0078    Panel lights were fixed on the ceiling of the tunnel. Lights were diminishing to the end of the tunnel. I came out of the tunnel, I was exposed to the summer sunshine.      

0077    Medicine ball protects the people against the disease. An aging sculptural Lion holding the medicine ball is built into the Yakushi-Dou. For the longest time, he keeps protecting the health of the people, standing up for them. And now, he gets old.      

0076    There is an astonishingly high gigantic tree at the precinct. Roots of the tree connected via the trunk to the Baiu-clouds, you know. I place my ear against the tree trunk, hear the sound of the flowing of water through the pipe.      

0075    The clouds are hanging low over the sky. They are coming on here from across the sea afar.      

0074    Nandina domestica bears flowers. It looks like that Miko (Shinto female attendants) dedicate the dance-drama to Japanese multitudinous gods with sacring bells in their hands.      

0073    Styrax japonica blossoms white tiny flowers in serried ranks. In this season, leaves of every tree bristle on their wands. I look up into bristled space in the forest, the styrax flowers are instared on them.      

0072    Silkworms are feeding on mulberry leaves. Nowadays the sericulture was totally defunct in Japan. Though it still has a lot of now-superseded mulberry trees in the countryside. They burgeon out in vain.      

0071    The weather of today is the short-lived sunny interval. After a short time, the rainy season, known as Tsuyu in Japan, has begun.      

0070    Feicui skims on the surface of the water like the skillful dressmaker wields his cutting knife.      

0069    Barberpole goes upstream, strives with all his might. That is a bad move…I know.      

0068    Children were playing crawfishing. As darkness sets in, they began to come home. At the place from where they disappeared, there were a heap of bodies of crawfish. Me? Yep, of course as same as I did in my boyhood days.      

0067    The summer shower mowed down all over the tussocks, then the afternoon broke into sunshine.      

0066    White peonies blossom in the evening. Night dews aim and take a run at them. That’s a pretty lame idea. They will vanish into thin air.      

0065    The cabaret attendant says, “I assure you I’ll go out with you every minute.” A Red peony blooms in her mouth.      

0064    Rhododendron blooms like a paper lantern. It is flickering in the wind. It lights up no corner unlighted.      

0063    I was soaked to the bone in the evening whirlwind of May.      

0062    Once upon a time, People made the notch between mountains. Those places were traveling-through point at where had placed guards. Now, There is a guard whose name is Wild Rose.      

0061    I followed a mountain trail on the one day trip. I saw the spur of the mountain, the spur was hidden among the trees. There were a lot of green bits and pieces of spurs.      

0060    I climbed up the path of the uprising. I reached at the very peak of the mountain path. I gave myself a few breaks and found the room to breathe. There was a tiny fine-red berry of the Duchesnea chrysantha.      

0059    Don’t be hard on yourself. You’re body is honest with your life force.      

0058    The season of the deutzia blossoms, it has brisk climates. The crowd of villagers are rippling with each other in a interval of the agricultural practice.      

0057    In Japan, Kingyosou is the name of antirrhinum. “Kingyosou” means Kingyo-plant. The flower of antirrhinum looks like the goldfish(=Kingyo) are swimming in the water. In any case, it’s cute.      

0056    Children were searching for the crayfish in the creek. The iris kept eyes on them from the riverside. Though Eyes of children were looking into the water.      

0055    The younger leaves of the fern coil themselves. After the rainy night, they are utterly turn to extended jagged leaves.      

0054    The Solar clock is the wind-up type, isn’t it? The maple seeds are its winder-handles.      

0053    Spider’s webs are moist with the morning dew. In other words, the morning dew divests spiders of their positions.      

0052    I looked blankly at the fluffy white cloud are floating in the summer sky. How many times I spend the summer in this way. The white cloud dyed the cap of wave white. In the same way, years dyed my cap white and had been starting losing my hair.      

0051    Peas have pretty flowers. Two weeks later, they turn peas in pods. Boiled whole pea-pod is one of savory vegetables.      

0050    The stem of Butterbur is used as the season food. We boil them, they turn right-green color like the jade. Butterbur had a lot of folk stories. Though I get the idea from the boiled right-green aerial stem, our primitive ancestors adorned themselves with jade bugle beads.      

0049    Azalea flowers sticking tight each other. They look like love-birds who are deeply in love. I recall the affairs in my early life with sweet memories.      

0048    The land of origin of Potatoes is Andes. A long time ago, they come from Europe to Japan. Now, they are daily essentials of our basics food. They are growing up under the same sun that their ancients were growing up in Andes.      

0047    I thought to cast a bunch of flowers for my ancestors at home. I went away from home to buy it. I saw a field of wheat was shaken with the wind. On the way back from the flower shop, the wheat were still swaying with the wind.      

0046    She looks best on dressing in white. Envy shoots at others, and wounds oneself. Because we cannot conceal the truth. If you are undermined by somebody’s envy, I am waiting for you anytime in early summer with an armful blue Rodgersia podophylla that is on swinging by the sea breeze.      

0045    I have forgotten my duty to my mother in the course of day-to-day. Though, I know the symbol for Mother’s Day is carnations by sentence.      

0044    I have gone through most of my life saying “Either will do” when I should have said “Yes” or “No.” I am one of the yellow-belly. Oh, Rosa banksiae Aiton has not spines, too.      

0043    I start to do the training of playing harmonica. I wonder if I make a nuisance of myself.      

0042    In summer, Onions have been neglected without being eaten by farmers. Onions produce seeds in their head that look like the skin head of the Buddhist monk. After that, farmers get their seeds.      

0041    Cornus controversa Hemsl put out a lot of groups of white little flowers in May. At sunset, they gild their flowers against the dark forest.      

0040    Iris japonica Thunb are growing up at the swampy small vale. I descended into a vale alone. I found their sorrowful flowers around the area. I fell here was no ticket out of where I have been.      

0039    The beginning of summer has come. Families take advantage of the good weather to catch the fish with their nets in the river. Children are untanned yet in May, so they have white ankles and shins.      

0038    In Japan, when we wear kimono, the left side front-gusset superposes on the right side. In this case, the bamboo shoots wear the sheath in the same way as kimono.      

0037    On the day of the second horse in April, thousands of Inari (Ugatamano-kami)s go to worship at the Inari Taisha in Fushimi, Kyoto. They are staying there for about half month, after that, on the day of the first Rabbit (卯日) in May, they go back to their own shrine.      

0036    I was out for a stroll to make verses for several hours. Then, I was a little tired, so I looked for a place to rest. When I sat down by the road side, Erigeron annuus had already sat over me.      

0035    Half century has pass away all too fleeting moment. I fail to deliver anything in this meantime. When I was a child, I made a wish every Children’s Day had come.      

0034    Young leaves of persimmon have pretty beautiful green color. They are so beautiful that the branch was rarely unnoticed. As if it were air.      

0033    Kashiwamochi is the tansy rice cake wrapped in an oak leaf. When I eat it, open the leaf wrapper, then, find a little naked green bean jam cake. It looked ashamed to me on full display.      

0032    A wise man keep from the harmful act when he is alone. But I am not wise. So, on Children’s Day, I take the bath in iris leaves, I smell at the fragrance of the iris from its cut edge like a child. Woo, smell fresh!      

0031    On Children’s Day in Japan, families with boys put up carp streamers outdoors. The carp streamers are swimming in the wind with regal postures. But, when the wind doesn’t blow, it’s a sad state of affaires. Now, I want to get a picture of streamers, I wait for the wind to blow.      

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Spring ↓ ↑ Summer

0030    The shape of Maple’s fruit looks like the propeller. Too, every maple flower has a propeller shaft in it.      

0029    Why do you face to me? According to an ancient tradition, Daruma achieved enlightenment after nine years of Zen sitting meditation.      

0028    Waterweeds grow abundantly with adequate nutrition from photosynthesis.      

0027    I wanted to see the wisteria at close range, I thought to bring a stepladder. Then, I ascended the ladder slowly, I found the wisteria flower was cute rather than beautiful.      

0026    The purple radish flower is meek and mild. In spring, roughly speaking, it blossomed under the shade of the tree. This plant has another name that is Chuko Liang Kongmining’s vegetable which has been said that was cultivated for the emergency food on his command. He is a very famous general in ancient China.      

0025    The purple Lily magnolia is the somberness color flower. In darkness, it looks like nothingness, but remains in existent atmosphere.      

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April ↓ ↑ May

0024    Mercy! This flower, double-flowered Camellia japonica has 38 petals! Big Num! …Wait a minute … It’s less numerous than my age… Ah, before I know where I am….      

0023    When I leave you unsupervised, you are always acting unconstrained demeanor. In the meanwhile, you grow up, and make like a tree and leave by my side.      

0022    The path in the grove was strewn with fallen petals of cameria. The surface of them appears like the soft red carpet. I decided to walk over the carpet in bare feet.      

0021    Vernal Equinox Day is usually on March 20 or 21, in Japan. At such times, day and night are everywhere of nearly equal length everywhere in the world. The day, I found twin Jizo Bosatsus at way side. Then they asked me with smile if I doled out what I had to those in need without prejudice …      

0020    This year is the year of the rabbit on the Oriental Zodiac in Japan. The 48 each temple in Musashi and Sagami region works with coalition to unveil its treasured Buddhist (kannon) image in the spring of the every rabbit year. The other day, I made a field trial to go Daisen-Ji, one of the 48 temples. There are many vivid red color flags that competed with the cherry blossoms in beauty at the entrance of the temple.      

0019    Daisen-Ji Temple has a gateway to the temple. There are four heavenly kings statures. They seemed to get into a brawl with each other about the most beautiful flower in this season at the Kan-Hasshu and all over Japan.      

0018    Some human-being head off the nature with the technological wizardry. Though at last they are to come off worst for Joe Bloggs.      

0017    Spring breeze strokes thatched the moss with a caress. It looks like that a novio drops a gentle kiss on sleeping novia’s cheek without meddling and saying goodbye….      

0016    Sumi-e is all one color. The Sumi-e artist can draw a polychrome spring scene which is drawn in only Japanese ink with water. It’s colorful amazing thing.      

0015    I stumble on a nice viola on my walkway. I find one of my favorite , it’s the quiet…elegant!      

0014    It was in the full of spring. That day, I got a drink at the park, then I fell in the drink on the bust. You forgive me today with a pretty smile, don’t you?      

0013    I am waiting for the moment of bursting into cherry blossoms every year. Though always the cherry blossoms out without my knowing it. I am standing with my knees to look at them from my disordered bed.      

0012    Spiraea Thunbergii has an awful lot of tiny white petals like little rice kernels. They bloom in a compact mass on long willowy woods. In the evening, they give off fuzzy light on the darkness road. They are not benighted….they eat darkness.      

0011    Narcissus is the bulb plant. People says it grows up from a tiny brown bulb. Though in my view, it is standing on the earth bulb.      

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March ↓ ↑ April

0010    Sahohime is the Japanese goddess of spring. Maybe she puts on a tiara which is dripping with gemmy beads in spring. I think that way when my pet cactus blooms once every spring.      

0009    Carps become very active when the cold abates. They are gathering together with rip-roaring mouths to demand food. I fled them in my terror.      

0008    The White-eye sucks nectar from the plum flower until March. Though it gluts itself with the plum taste, and waits expectantly the king of flower’s relish now. It looks to me like a flirt’s volatile affection.      

0007    Veronica persica comes into the very teeny cute blue flower. Though Dr.Makino put a funny Japanese name to it in the days of Meiji Era. He delights me with his generous hearted spirit when I find it at the edge of pastures and fields in every early spring.      

0006    Faint Caecium comes down with drizzle, it might just be me, the spring cloud looks like the leaden cloud.      

0005    Virid Willows are weak, yet they bend without breaking. That way, we should solemnly get back on our feet with unbreakable spirits in Japan, in beautiful Japan.      

0004    Victims’ souls transmigrated the Kobus Flowers at the night after the quake.      

0003    Spring sea is genial, but the fact is, she has fangs.      

0002    Pure Tohoku-inhabitants are sobbing with griefs on the spring equinox.      

0001    After the north wind blows in spring, swans unfurl their wings. I never forget to remember them.      

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