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277    ~ the tea server was doing matcha ceremony ~ he made a faint whipping sound by the book ~ i savored the flavor of cherry confection in my mouth    3/24/2012

276    ~ what is this going to be used for? ~ Humm… i say to myself? … ~ Allium grayi Regel, ‘nobiru’ is growing up    3/23/2012

275    ~ clouds of spring ~ range in shape ~ ukulele, guitar, base … ~ and you and i sing songs    3/22/2012

274    ~ he catnapped ~ i glided away him ~ it breezed from the west    3/21/2012

273    ~ on the Spring Equinox Day ~ a contrail cuts the sky at sunset ~ completely in half    3/20/2012

272    ~ Saigyo humbled himself on his poem ~ that he was ashamed of himself how tasteless he was ~ oh, if you said so, who has a good head on his shoulder ~ Saigyo’s obit is February the 16th on lunar calendar    3/19/2012

271    ~ tutelary god of Fukushima might be thinking of us now ~ but on what? ~ in cesium rain on the rice field    3/18/2012

270    ~ attendances take up reading the sutra ~ their visible breathes are grouped together and escape through the vaulted ceiling of main hall ~ the equinoctial week starts from today    3/17/2012

269    ~ 在哈尔滨柳絮飞扬的街道 ~ 很美丽的女人穿着一条旗袍 ~ 颦眉了    3/16/2012

268    ~ Ah, drippings of meltwater ~ sing Japanese numbers ~ all around in peace    3/15/2012

267    ~ we must sort out the safety rice seeds ~ from radioactively~contaminated ~ for ensuring survival of the offspring    3/14/2012

266    ~ it is better ~ to be a martyr ~ than a confessor    3/13/2012

265    ~ i walked pass the rape blossoms’ field ~ went a little way away and turned back to there ~ you know, i would never see the scene again    3/12/2012

264    ~ on a spring sunny morning ~ the sunlight penetrates ~ through young leaves    3/11/2012

263    ~ the spring sumo tournament is just around corner ~ sumo wrestlers will fight openly and squarely ~ they had learned lessons from their failures    3/10/2012

262    ~ an excursion of junior students got leave the train ~ their smells of milk had left ~ in the air for a several stops    3/10/2012

261    ~ now, the grass is beginning to grow on the earth ~ leaves come out hear and there ~ they are angiosperms, yes, flowering plants    3/10/2012

260    ~ cherry blossoms embody spring ~ when they shed and float on the surface of water ~ instead, duckweeds are starting to grow    3/10/2012

259    ~ a delegate of alumini and alumunae ~ who is also looking out for an opening ~ gives the address in reply at the graduation    3/9/2012

258    ~ raindrops fall from the soffits of eaves ~ and i looks that ~ spring drizzle comes softly over them    3/9/2012

257    ~ leaves are filling with water ~ between their own ~ in the slosh    3/9/2012

256    ~ a larga seal is lying flat on his back ~ with a wave of his hand ~ in the spring sunny place    3/9/2012

255    ~ generally when we sow seeds set up identification cards on the ground ~ in order to show what were sowed ~ though after a time ~ the descriptions are discolored by sun~rays    3/8/2012

254    ~ while winter sycamine branches have binded up with the rope ~ in order to prepare against snow damages ~ when spring comes farmers unbind and spread them    3/8/2012

253    ~ eddying currents often come up at Naruto Strait ~ so tourist agents operate sightseeing ships around there ~ boarding tourists who wear spectacles are getting hold of them    3/8/2012

252    ~ fishermen’s wives are picking sea-lettuce ~ at the rocky shore on the surf zone ~ they are stooping over their work besides a watch-keeper    3/8/2012

251    ~ Aralia-elata puts forth its buds end of the thorny shaft ~ thorns are similar in appearances of terrible tiger’s claws ~ though the fried buds taste wildly, so … let’s wild~craft    3/7/2012

250    ~ frogs spawn in the rice fields ~ they produce eggs in large quantities ~ though they are wrapped by gelatinous films securely    3/7/2012

249    ~ a farmer burned off the path between fields ~ he minded the fire should not spread to others ~ with leaning his chin on the end of his spade hand    3/7/2012

248    ~ he was waiting for an expected visitor who lived in Tohoku until the clock run out ~ he resigned himself to do and looked up at the sky ~ there was a spring full moon    3/7/2012

247    ~ a bird is swinging from branch to branch ~ young buds are beating its face with getting a bit upset ~ because they are treated a bit roughly by it    3/6/2012

246    ~ let us go to Kessel Hall in the beer garden ~ and have some beer and barbequed mutton ~ the snow has thawed    3/6/2012

245    ~ he has been waiting for the day ~ when the snow thaws and becomes water ~ because he is a motorcycle rider    3/6/2012

244    ~ two guardian deities of children ~ are beaming with full-delights ~ in the spring sunshine    3/6/2012

243    ~ he stands up the dividing ridge in Gujyohachiman ~ he is fishing Yamame there, the open season has come ~ keepers are flouncing in his creel    3/5/2012

242    ~ an old farmer ~ stopped swinging his well-used mattock ~ there was a tussock of speedwell    3/5/2012

241    ~ composedly ~ my mother is afflicted by senility ~ it is spring rain outside    3/5/2012

240    ~ the birds alighted ~ and pecked insects on the ground ~ today is Keichitsu, the day of hibernating insects’ awakening    3/5/2012

239    ~ i got down hills and got to bottom ~ i felt slightly tired there ~ whereat red plum blossoms were welcoming me in full bloom    3/4/2012

238    ~ at the earlier in the spring evening ~ i already prop up the いざかや ( japanese pub) ~ and feel mellow in the half~light    3/4/2012

237    ~ at the landing boat place ~ a whitebait spoon-net is poking out of the boat ~ it is swinging in the tranquil spring breeze    3/4/2012

236    ~ witch hazels are blossoming at the foot of mountains ~ they are twisting, kinking in the air ~ and laving on the spring field    3/4/2012

235    ~ at the spring nightfall ~ i smelled flowers of red plum blossoming there ~ though the tree itself did not see me around    3/3/2012

234    ~ the grass grows ~ i hung between staying on or off ~ though i allowed myself to stay on it, because i wanted to feel their living power    3/3/2012

233    ~ once upon a time, people run the warblers’ singing contest ~ i heard it unexpectedly ~ at the hallway in Chionin    3/3/2012

232    ~ Buddhists say that in the nether world ~ there is a needle mountain where sinners have to go barefoot ~ i remember it with looking at the budding reed bed    3/3/2012

231    ~ the hina~dan, a tier stand for dolls is not underpinned ~ by universal principles of democracy ~ it is the feudalistic system, Hierarchy    3/2/2012

230    ~ when she serves out hina-arare ~ baby-girls hold out her lovely and small palms ~ and growing-up-ladies, too    3/2/2012

229    ~ each and all of hina dolls fair-goers ~ are doting parents or grand-parents ~ to their baby girl    3/2/2012

228    ~ those waterfowl are not ready to migrate north yet ~ though they are forage over the surface of the pond ~ with the equally spaces that train for their passage    3/2/2012

227    ~ on the cradle of the deep ~ crescent moon is floating ~ it knifes through the waves    3/1/2012

226    ~ hey, get your hand off of butterbur sprouts ~ if you hope to continue the sustainable agriculture in Tohoku ~ you get in the habit of getting only what you need    3/1/2012

225    ~ a mother is embracing her child ~ who itches his whole body with purigo ~ she looks up into the heavens in hopes of geese migrate north    3/1/2012

224    ~ a she-cat ~ is weaving in and out the sheathing blocks ~ she pines away for the tender passion of her own    3/1/2012

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223    ~ a plum tree that shoots out buds ~ is casting its shadow mistily ~ on Japanese paper doors from outside    2/29/2012

222    ~ a fisherman is taking in brown seaweed ~ surface of the sea, his long latex gloves and the seaweed ~ are glittering in the spring bright sunshine    2/29/2012

221    ~ a gardener took out an old nest from knags at the treetop ~ he threw away it in the verbal breeze ~ the nest was flying off in the spring far distance    2/29/2012

220    ~ in germ, spring burgeons ~ are giving a lift up to the soil ~ they are overstraining themselves in the underside    2/29/2012

219    ~ birds are singing ~ i still hunt in order to hear their songs near them ~ then they are stop twittering ~ i am disliked even by them    2/28/2012

218    ~ today is an intercaly day ~ folklore has it is that in that year ~ probabilities of the pregnancy are increasing ~ an expectant mother is gazing blankly at the spring snow    2/28/2012

217    ~ when spring comes ~ the silk~reeling process starts at the factory ~ with hanging over the thick steam    2/28/2012

216    ~ an old man is in a kotatsu ~ he feels slightly cold and is melancholy ~ because the quilt over it was cleared    2/28/2012

215    ~ i see the February out ~ with drinking a cup of tea ~ there is a vertical stalk in    2/27/2012

214    ~ one day about the Spring Equinox Day ~ i heard if we swung sake on the day ~ it recovered from the difficult hearing ~ on that day some people took shots dumbly    2/27/2012

213    ~ i grated a small Spring radish ~ with a bamboo shredder ~ it produced just a small amount    2/27/2012

212    ~ fishermen dry salty whitebait in the sun ~ Mt Fuji rises ~ beyond white hakes and people    2/27/2012

211    ~ nowadays ~ farmers grow Cortinellus~shiitakes ~ in the plastic or glass greenhouse with caution    2/26/2012

210    ~ Chrysosplenium grayanum is growing up ~ when it produces its berry ~ it has a line pattern on the surface as a cat’s~eye    2/26/2012

209    ~ dog~tooth violet flowers are blossoming ~ under the sunshine ~ with getting bashful air    2/26/2012

208    ~ generally speaking Spring is the time for new beginnings ~ though we must be impressed with the last year’s terrible disaster ~ we are to review our identities in the past and change each way of life    2/26/2012

207    ~ spring soil is very soft ~ so that it cleaves to my clogs ~ and sticks between the heels    2/25/2012

206    ~ i caught a spring-cold ~ and i have given a strong cough ~ in the lukewarm bed    2/25/2012

205    ~ mosquitoes has already bred ~ but, at this time of year ~ they are very faint that they are barely able to fly    2/25/2012

204    ~ in the client’s garden ~ a gardener is cocking his head thoughtfully ~ he does not feel sure of his executions    2/25/2012

203    ~ 827 years ago, the Haike was gone to ruin by Genji in Dan-no-Ura ~ they used red flags when they made war against the Genji ~ red camellia flowers are passing away constantly to the sea ever now    2/24/2012

202    ~ in early spring, the daily temperature alternates between cold and warm ~ when the cold days are succeed ~ birds inflate their feathers to prevent the loss of their body heat    2/24/2012

201    ~ if the final hour has been fixed ~ every mortal could catch his ear ~ the whisper of the angel    2/24/2012

200    ~ in the spring sky, clouds are floating lightly ~ i feel refreshed and brighten up ~ and walk through the field with feeling the wind    2/24/2012

199    ~ i start to learn playing ukulele now ~ in spite of my mature age ~ i do not put up the sound as good as i would like    2/23/2012

198    ~ something tugged my trousers ~ oh, sorry, i do not give attention to you ~ you are blossoms of quince    2/23/2012

197    ~ some one made a wish to a god with offering Ema at the shrine ~ and his wish has been fullfilled dedicate another new Ema there ~ plum blossoms are flowering, there are not many new Emas    2/23/2012

196    ~ i sipped a cup of corbiculae miso soup ~ and i ate the flesh, they were slightly sandy ~ they are from Lake-Shinji    2/23/2012

195    ~ a dear ~ does poopoo in globular forms ~ on the spring ground    2/22/2012

194    ~ a lark soared high above the field ~ where has been plowed up ~ i have listened to it    2/22/2012

193    ~ tortoises live a very long life ~ though it does not automatically mean that they are clever ~ a turtle gets lost his way in front of the stepping-stone and is crying for what to do    2/22/2012

192    ~ there are crane calls at a high attitude ~ it would appear to me that they are reluctant to leave this land ~ now they start to migrate north with determination    2/22/2012

191    ~ chickweed has sprung up in the field ~ it has soft leaves and stems ~ it tells me that its softness is its rigidity    2/21/2012

190    ~ a fisherman ~ smiles with white teeth on his ship ~ where freight with the green laver    2/21/2012

189    ~ for the first time in a long while ~ i went home to see my elder brother ~ he stood in front of the house where the plum blossoms were flowering    2/21/2012

188    ~ a woman wore the twilled woolen kimono ~ was walking along the riverside ~ her shape became dimly visible to me in the spring air    2/21/2012

187    ~ the organic food is in fashion ~ the marinated mud-snail was served to me ~ i fell out of love with the fashion    2/20/2012

186    ~ a yellow haze hangs over the scene ~ i wandered off the path to follow butterflies ~ i found myself in the field where was taking on yellow color with rape blossoms    2/20/2012

185    ~ i sat on the dry vegetation ~ and i have grown utterly disgusted with myself ~ likewise, i went around the bend    2/20/2012

184    ~ at the entrance of a valley ~ a blossom of ume-apricot flowered ~ the dark alley suddenly lighted up    2/20/2012

183    ~ i had been standing still ~ toward the sea of mud ~ and i walked in the dirt way resolvedly    2/19/2012

182    ~ the clear blue tide ~ has run strong against the shore ~ aglitter with spring sun    2/19/2012

181    ~ i went off to look for the plum blossom ~ though i could not find it, so give up doing ~ when i though so, it pop up in front of me    2/19/2012

180    ~ i sit in a hot bath about this time of the year ~ because i put a lot of rafts on the fire in order to make a bath for the dead-goose souls ~ those rafts are roosts that were carted by them    2/19/2012

179    ~ i leaned over to pick my straw-hat up ~ and raise my head skyward ~ there are blossoms of plum and a white-eye perched on its branch    2/18/2012

178    ~ catkins of pussy willow ~ are stroked on their surfaces by the spring breeze ~ as the cat grooms itself    2/18/2012

177    ~ Otome-Tsubaki is one of camellia that has cute pink double-flowers ~ the flower slipped off to fall fugacious ~ as soon as it burst into bloom    2/18/2012

176    ~ Yuki-Tsubaki is one of camellia that is snowy-hardy ~ it has a lot of buds ~ in the deep snow    2/18/2012

175    ~ Kaiyose-wind is browing in Osaka ~ believers perform a Buddhist service ~ in requital of Prince-Shotoku’s favours at Shitennoh temple    2/17/2012

174    ~ when the spring comes ~ i will test the result of the training ~ for the rest of the winter    2/17/2012

173    ~ on traditional Chinese calendar ~ tomorrow is the time that trees begin to put forth their leaves ~ though, in Japan, Mt Fuji is still thick-snowcapped with solemnity    2/17/2012

172    ~ on a mild early-spring day ~ poco a poco, we were waiting for the bus ~ by the shore over looking at the sea    2/17/2012

171    ~ oh, if you don’t mind my saying ~ why don’t you uncloak yourself? ~ the spring breeze feels great with us?    2/16/2012

170    ~ she pull off the right-sided spring-glove ~ and touches the tree trunk ~ to feel the breath of spring    2/16/2012

169    ~ ah, warbler, an warbler ~ will you proclaim the time of spring comes ~ or have any gripes against us?    2/16/2012

168    ~ the plum blossoms ~ will you soon be out ~ or have any apparent reasons unable even to be out?    2/16/2012

167    ~ Awaji Chikage, an Japanese actress ~ went to her rest ~ on a light-snowy day    2/15/2012

166    ~ a farmer blew out his brains ~ to cut seed tubers with ashy fingers ~ under the spring sun    2/15/2012

165    ~ once upon a time, silk-raising farmers purchased ~ papers on that silkworm-moths deposited their ovums ~ with inspection stamps in early-spring    2/15/2012

164    ~ the welcome spring breeze ~ blows in to shops ~ through store curtains    2/15/2012

163    ~ i am always sleepy in the springtime ~ whereas, one fine day, i jumped out of bed ~ when i saw the clock’s hands    2/14/2012

162    ~ in Edo era, our government interdicted the professing Christ ~ Christian were went underground in chorus ~ though they were tested with the image trampling and executed    2/14/2012

161    ~ female divers entered the shelter ~ that was made by bamboo fences ~ i got a glimpse of their white clothes from chinks    2/14/2012

160    ~ vinegared rice side-rolled in dried laver with whitebaits ~ you are looking angrily at me with tiny round black eyes ~ though, sorry, i eat you delectably    2/14/2012

159    ~ the whole family turned out in a body ~ to live on the early-spring land harmoniously ~ just looking at the appearances makes me heartwarming    2/13/2012

158    ~ the surface of the pond freezes thinly ~ so the moon did not reflect on it ~ the moon, you does not get lodging the way i do not    2/13/2012

157    ~ yesteryear we were unprecedented quake-battered ~ too, every structural object was singing squeak-noise in Tokyo ~ we Tokyoite have vivid memories of those death-cries ever now    2/13/2012

156    ~ Uguisu-Mochi is the bean-jam cake with pease topping ~ the cake is bushwarbleral in shape and color ~ every Japanese is attracted by such a salty springlike presentation    2/13/2012

155    ~ February 12th is the obit of Ryotaro Shiba ~ he had been concerned about the problems of Japanese future ~ though he just averted them on his modern-historical-fictions    2/12/2012

154    ~ the lake froze over last month ~ now the ice begins to thaw and become water ~ the crucian-carp is coming out of its hibernation    2/12/2012

153    ~ the longer i wait for incoming of spring ~ the more severe while longing ~ it is the after-wintry-cold    2/12/2012

152    ~ the statue of Ksitigarbha ~ the face was plenteous in mercy wore a smile ~ and was capped with spring-snow on the head    2/12/2012

151    ~ the bird is pecking the earth bobs ~ the minutes ~ that they are creeping out from the earth    2/11/2012

150    ~ paths between rice fields ~ are shining and wondering ~ in the early-spring midnight moon    2/11/2012

149    ~ the ornamental cabbage ~ are serried in the flowerbed ~ in the spring sun and the wintry chilly breeze    2/11/2012

148    ~ The Konuts played the ukulele at its one-night pub ~ i was captivated by their mixed light voices and warm ukulele sounds ~ the wintry chill air lingers still outside    2/11/2012

147    ~ plants have grown over the brae ~ i was walking along there ~ with being obsessed with her uninterruptedly    2/10/2012

146    ~ when she washed rice ~ she was slower in her movements than usual ~ now i have got it! the water in the bowl is tepid    2/10/2012

145    ~ laver is growing up at the rocky shore ~ fishermen’s wives who put on foods are scratching and gathering them ~ and they loosen their food’s laces and relax in the spring sun    2/10/2012

144    ~ cranes are beginning to migrate to the North ~ other migrants are waiting for their taking off ~ and they has left for their breeding sites    2/10/2012

143    ~ thin ice forms on the washing-water in the morning ~ though while i have not noticed ~ it melted away in the water    2/9/2012

142    ~ the obit of Minamoto Yoritomo ~ he was the most unshogunlike shogun ~ who ever lived in Kamakura-era    2/9/2012

141    ~ in the spring sun ~ the remaining snow ~ has faded away by inches    2/9/2012

140    ~ my kite string snapped ~ so my kite that strung down from the ceiling of my room ~ flew off somewhre    2/9/2012

139    ~ cherry blossoms are come into bloom ~ on the sash clip ~ that sensible ladies have prepared    2/8/2012

138    ~ i had a Toraya’s Yokan, sweet jelly made from bean jam, at gift ~ in the evening, i viewed the name and content of it ~ immediately i went and saw the buds of plum tree    2/8/2012

137    ~ an adolescent girl gives days and nights ~ to unfold and fold the Japanese folded-paper ~ that keeps in her newly-made floral-kimono    2/8/2012

136    ~ spring is late coming ~ buda are long in peeping out ~ how hard they are to wait!    2/8/2012

135    ~ some spring floating clouds ~ are drifting in the air ~ as many of us drift through life without a purpose    2/7/2012

134    ~ Favonius, the spring west ~ many people tend to say that it takes me to paradise ~ blow, blow against me, please    2/7/2012

133    ~ a pheasant that escaped from death ~ is howling with crying the blues ~ because of it was due to survive    2/7/2012

132    ~ there is beautiful sunset in the air ~ as it was bunted away by Cetaka ~ devastated land had laid on the earth    2/7/2012

131    ~ the spring moon ~ is rising and aloft ~ while i am unaware    2/6/2012

130    ~ the onset of spring makes ~ a bird comes to life ~ and flies about all over the branch    2/6/2012

129    ~ we have early spring rain ~ it falls in a drop ~ bud by bud    2/6/2012

128    ~ during cooking of the top shell cooked in its own shell ~ its operculum has been dancing ~ at its opening    2/6/2012

127    ~ gentle early spring river runs through the countryside ~ any time quick water can not wait at all ~ spring flowers scattered be    2/5/2012

126    ~ ponderous early spring mountains are right in front of me ~ at the calm spring mountains ~ every plant has sprouted up its brairds    2/5/2012

125    ~ calm early spring sea stretched ahead me ~ at the foreshore ~ ulvas have gone wild    2/5/2012

124    ~ there is a mole-hill on the ground ~ away from the firm snow block ~ none the less because it is sightless    2/5/2012

123    ~ i alighted from Japanese-room on the garden ~ with garden clogs on barefoot and with happiness ~ spring is come there a bit    2/4/2012

122    ~ i hope ~ the coming spring is calm and quiet one ~ and may peace be upon you and us    2/4/2012

121    ~ there is a chink between shutters ~ the spring sunshine seeps through it ~ and the wintry air in the room has sprung    2/4/2012

120    ~ on the traditional first day of spring ~ Morito-shrine gate on Najima ~ it appears that it is brighter red than usual    2/4/2012

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119    ~ at the edge of the room ~ there is a bean, there ~ that was scattered    2/3/2012

118    ~ i have done nothing but eat ~ carlings as many as my ages took a long while ~ after the bean-scattering ceremony    2/3/2012

117    ~ the bean-scattering ceremony means ~ one’s folks wipes out ogres from one’s house ~ then, dishoused are ogres? how pity they are!    2/3/2012

116    ~ a man who laid hold of his Fortune Sushi Roll ~ and made some one a inquiry ~ about where is the luck-direction fortune comes    2/3/2012

115    ~ tomorrow is the traditional end of winter’s day ~ i prepare parched beans that wipe out ogres on the bean-scattering ceremony ~ and look for a square wooden measure cup that keeps them in it    2/2/2012

114    ~ on the other side of the river’s bank ~ there is supposed to be a blossom of dandelion ~ it’s getting near spring days    2/2/2012

113    ~ i have stocked Welsh Onions in the soil during the winter ~ though they are left barely now ~ spring is near    2/2/2012

112    ~ in the switch yard ~ oil torches are shinning out like constellations ~ below the points in the snowy night    2/2/2012

111    ~ fishery workers are opening oysters at the yard ~ shells are split and dump their bodies ~ they are plump and dropping salty water    2/1/2012

110    ~ Goze-uta, shamisen music by sightless women ~ we have not heard their music for a long time ~ at the setback-arcades in Takada, Niigata    2/1/2012

109    ~ along the Sea of Japan (it never says ‘East-Sea’) ~ that area has heavy falls of snow and the snow piled up higher and higher ~ oops, it weights about 400kg per cube meter    2/1/2012

108    ~ the mistress put flowered-stems of narcissus in a vase ~ i looked at them, they turned every face another side ~ i thought they jostled each other    2/1/2012

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107    ~ the straw boiled-rice-container warmer ~ was leaved for din-din beside the irori ~ it prepared for guests and kept the irori-amused    1/31/2012

106    ~ a great-egret is flapping ~ in the blue expanse ~ above the silver mountain range    1/31/2012

105    ~ she kept trying to hide her wintry rough skin ~ with burying her face in her hands ~ though her fingers covered with the telltale    1/31/2012

104    ~ we have had enough of wintry days ~ so everybody has admired the blossoms of Chimonanthus praecox, Chinese-plum-tree ~ though it is as different from Japanese-plum-tree as chalk is from cheese    1/31/2012

103    ~ the plum-blossoms are still in quite small bud ~ though there is a spring breath to it ~ as a letter from my affable friend    1/30/2012

102    ~ i have been longing for the coming of spring ~ so i went to find precocious plum-blossoms in Atami ~ and i took a boot-bath over a bottle there    1/30/2012

101    ~ formerly we used to thresh the rice in the midwinter ~ hulled rice were sparkling white ~ shining in the sunlight    1/30/2012

100    ~ the vocal exercises in the midwinter are alleged to be the most effective ~ a man did them on the bridge in the chilly night ~ at first i feared that he intended to drown himself in the river    1/30/2012

99    ~ we arrived at the frozen lake in order to fish Hypomesus-olidus ~ i made an admission that i left the ice-drill in my house ~ everyone broken off    1/29/2012

98    ~ i was weather-beaten in the wintry field ~ a frost fairy blew into my side ~ and soothed my mind by stroking my white mustache    1/29/2012

97    ~ in the frosty morning air ~ snow-white Mt Fuji is there beyond Sagami-Nada ~ it is a majestic vista gracefully    1/29/2012

96    ~ Thin-lipped are making my ears burn ~ and hardly striped me off my ears ~ as being exposed my lobes to the frosty wind    1/29/2012

95    ~ i huddled up with the cold ~ so i ordered and drink a cup of sculpin-miso-soup ~ and asked for it again and again    1/28/2012

94    ~ the globe-fish is delicious but has tetrodotoxin ~ i ate it at the risk of my life, though i was not made ill by it ~ then soaked in a bath with relief    1/28/2012

93    ~ last night an inverse-icicle ~ formed below the faucet ~ i looked at it from the fork of my legs    1/28/2012

92    ~ a widower got up on top of the roof ~ and removed snow from the gable end alone ~ divorce is a terrible upheaval    1/28/2012

91    ~ it is frozen up this morning ~ severe frost ~ is lifting our earth    1/27/2012

90    ~ my straw sandals frozen up ~ accordingly, it was hard to do up their laces ~ though i had to go at once in spite of that cold    1/27/2012

89    ~ a fisherman is rowing his boat on the chilly lake ~ he is working to draw a fish trap from the bottom carelessly ~ the carp smelt a rat and run away from it    1/27/2012

88    ~ i sat at the irori-fireside ~ and roasted knead-poultry with yam, starch and seasoning ~ looking listlessly into the void    1/27/2012

87    ~ farmers are sending brushwood reefs ~ on the bottom of lake in order to earn pocket money ~ oh, little fishes! don’t fall for the trap    1/26/2012

86    ~ Jyusanko is considered ~ one of the best place for freshwater-clam ~ i made and drunk the alive fresh clam-miso-soup    1/26/2012

85    ~ it is wintry dismal chilly weather ~ there are a lot of refuses and me ~ on the shoreline    1/26/2012

84    ~ there was a snow-Buddha-statue ~ while the sun shined and we worked ~ it went up in water before everyone was aware    1/26/2012

83    ~ snow-crystals were ~ squeezing and bunting together ~ on the ground in the microscopic world    1/24/2012

82    ~ in the morning, i opened the shutters ~ there is the silver landscape ~ and there isn’t anyone to talk to about it    1/24/2012

81    ~ there is a story likes ‘The Happy Prince’ ~ a snowman, in front of my house ~ some one has gone away with his charcoal-ball eyes    1/24/2012

80    ~ Love and a cough cannot be hid ~ it might be one of the unique media ~ write a love letter with mandarin juice    1/24/2012

79    ~ a hunter takes aim ~ at his prey ~ with his doubule-barreled shotgun    1/23/2012

78    ~ i have a mind to wipe out ~ my interpersonal ogre with beans ~ on the spring bean-scattering ceremony    1/23/2012

77    ~ we had a cold winter rain ~ a kimono lady folded a Japanese umbrella with a bull’s-eye design ~ and entered the tradesmen’s house    1/23/2012

76    ~ a branch of the Early plum-blossoms ~ went off from its trunk at kimono lady’s feet ~ it added some glitz and glamor to her    1/23/2012

75    ~ my room faces the north ~ i am placed bested ~ it’s cold in winter    1/22/2012

74    ~ i saw some one performed the cold-water ablutions ~ i won’t need the task ~ because i soak in the open-air hot tub then    1/22/2012

73    ~ i am one of chronic overachievers ~ though i know the 47 samurai ~ what they wore    1/22/2012

72    ~ i slept in the tussock under the star ~ it was so cold that i was breathing faintly ~ as i saw a cricket’s bug shell was there    1/22/2012

71    ~ on the coldest day in winter~ my body and soul frozen up ~ so i had some belts in order to lubricate    1/21/2012

70    ~ a lot of people get out ~ to a traditional flea market that takes place ~ near the former vicegerent’s mansion in Setagaya, Tokyo    1/21/2012

69    ~ mountain guides who wore Japanese traditional climbing irons ~ made their nail-prints marks ~ on their trail in winter mountains    1/21/2012

68    ~ i excused to accept the farmer’s offer ~ a cup of boiled rice with topping raw-egg ~ because i saw the copulation of hens and cocks in his chilly farmyard    1/21/2012

67    ~ it was snow yesterday in the coldest season ~ i saw the snow as i speculated on my life ~ and envisioned my fate    1/20/2012

66    ~ it was a bitter cold night in the depth of winter ~ i met a person i can feel at ease with him ~ talking with a good friend has a healing effect    1/20/2012

65    ~ i found there are signs that longs for spring ~ barning seed-tubers of potatoes ~ have been starting to jarovize naturally    1/20/2012

64    ~ in the frosty winter weather ~ when drips were drained off freeze over ~ it is the best season for Japanese paper-making    1/19/2012

63    ~ frosted field is shinning in the weak light at chilly daybreak ~ though i’m sure it’s going to snow tomorrow ~ that means the frost is the makeup base of the snow field    1/19/2012

62    ~ the three famous waterfalls in the Nikko national park ~ Kirifuri, Urami, Kegon ~ are welded into every place by ice    1/19/2012

61    ~ oysters are now in season ~ i opened them, clenched my fist around the lemon… ~ it is my mental problem to be lost in eating them to myself    1/19/2012

60    ~ we climbed the mountain ~ then we must traverse the ice-fall in our trace ~ ice axes were less-helpful beyond climbing irons    1/18/2012

59    ~ test-takers and their parents ~ doffed their masks as soon as ~ they got through the entrance examination    1/18/2012

58    ~ a lady walked past us without even seeing ~ she did not put on a apotropaic rouge ~ looked like a lone star-crossed woman    1/18/2012

57    ~ Chimonanthus praecox has bloomed ~ a lady fell in love with her visitor at first sight ~ and they appointed a date for meeting again    1/18/2012

56    ~ puffing winter sparrows ~ were perching in ~ every mesh of the chain-link fence    1/17/2012

55    ~ in the freezing weather ~ berries of Rubus buergeri have chilly red ~ beyond any doubt    1/17/2012

54    ~ i singled out ~ steam-breathing of mine ~ in a large crowd    1/17/2012

53    ~ the cold snowy strong whirlwind ~ blustered over the area ~ pram blossoms are still in bud    1/16/2012

52    ~ not a worshipper is to be seen in the shrine ~ there is nothing else but bloom ~ Camellia sasanqua cv. Fujikoana    1/16/2012

51    ~ there are a lot of rotten wormhole leaves ~ that throw themselves to the chilly wind ~ i am a kind of the same way    1/16/2012

50    ~ a tree breaks under the weight of snow ~ with equipments bracing for the wet snow ~ amuse me! those equipments put on airs    1/16/2012

49    ~ powder snow fell lightly in Sapporo ~ a snow-removing car with bamboo brushes ~ swept and cleaned around the tracks    1/14/2012

48    ~ after it snowed, every storekeeper ~ was shoveling the snow in front of his store ~ with his subthought    1/14/2012

47    ~ charitable person prepared meals outdoors ~ homeless and poor men gathered there ~ made a long line as the dragon    1/14/2012

46    ~ on the first day with a full moon in January ~ every family with gramp and granny made rice gruel ~ with azuki beans in the wishing to lengthen their lives    1/14/2012

45    ~ fire-offering with dead branches of tree peonys in Sukagawa ~ branches blaze away with seven-colored flames ~ like a downcast spirit dries up the bones    1/13/2012

44    ~ the paper ornaments of the sacred straw festoon ~ were swaying in the chilly breeze ~ then icicles leaped to my eyes over there    1/13/2012

43    ~ carps are rising and open their mouthes ~ i fling seeds of Ophiopogon japonicus Ker-Gawl in their bottomless pits ~ with wishing to morph into dragons    1/13/2012

42    ~ climbers were caught in a snowstorm in the mountain ~ they were found lifeless with sticking their crampons ~ in the bright, clear and chilly blue sky    1/13/2012

41    ~ there is a bronze figure of Japanese crane ~ that turned to ice in the freezing morning ~ at Hibiya Park    1/12/2012

40    ~ craws go hungry and freeze in the chill air ~ and they drop their wax ~ that are frosty    1/12/2012

39    ~ cold waves were lapping on the beach ~ seagulls were walking to and fro ~ at the water’s edge    1/12/2012

38    ~ red fruits of Ardisia crenata Sims ~ are swinging in the chill wind ~ between heaven and earth    1/12/2012

37    ~ there is nothing ~ under the sun and in the cosmos ~ without mortals    1/10/2012

36    ~ i have nothing ~ that reproduces in the next generation ~ nothing else that goes around the bend    1/10/2012

35    ~ some one has no interest in some one ~ he shrugs him away ~ drives him out his way    1/10/2012

34    ~ i know that holy nameless plants ~ are growing up at the edge of farming land ~ in the country side during the coldest season    1/10/2012

33    ~ a figure of red circular-shaped votive tumbler, Dharma ~ when the owner’s dream come true ~ it gets apples of its eyes and toss it in the offering-fire    1/9/2012

32    ~ in Japan, the second Sunday of Jan is Adults’ Day ~ for whom have attained their twentieth year ~ they wear strange clothes and funnel on the day    1/9/2012

31    ~ one of the last event of the New Year’s Week ~ Tobusamatsu assumes the role of that brings ~ the keeping New Year’s back into regular gradually    1/9/2012

30    ~ the rice porridge with seven herbs ~ leaved a head of radish at the kitchen ~ i got a feeling that something is going to happen    1/8/2012

29    ~ let’s eat all offerings to the genius ~ hoard everyone’s intention ~ and get the year off to a good start    1/8/2012

28    ~ a lady has an imperioal air ~ she wore the Tsukesage ~ with a dyed family crest    1/8/2012

27    ~ New Year’s Week ended yesterday ~ the decorations got short shrift ~ everyone has returned to the whirl of modern life    1/8/2012

26    ~ a cute shaped frost-shelter ~ is in some one’s yard ~ a winter-flowering peony is there supposedly    1/7/2012

25    ~ they were going through midwinter trainings ~ and they are sitting straight now ~ everyone’s heat gives off stream above him    1/7/2012

24    ~ the rice porridge with hashed seven herbs ~ their greens are seen through the white porridge ~ it is appear to be healthy in the coldest season    1/7/2012

23    ~ in the beginning of midwinter ~ i have got chapped my fingers on wet-work ~ they are stung by the hedgehog-like scrubbing brush    1/7/2012

22    ~ the amiable and relaxed New Year’s sunshine ~ were streaming in through the windows ~ i displaced cacti from the usual spot to there    1/6/2012

21    ~ some one read aloud Karuta out of tune ~ every member of the game ~ went kerflooey at once    1/6/2012

20    ~ the New Year Week ~ i was gnawing small seasoning dried sardines ~ though it will bring down the curtain on my own generation    1/6/2012

19    ~ fit an shrine’s apotropaic arrow ~ and aim at the good-luck mark ~ which i have not any points    1/6/2012

18    ~ on New Year’s Day morning ~ i made rice gruel for my mother ~ in the serene contemplation    1/4/2012

17    ~ Hatsuyume, the dream seen on the night of Jan 2nd ~ is able to see during lifetime ~ let’s have a nice and happy-go-lucky one    1/4/2012

16    ~ a shrine at the tip of the promontory ~ was jostled in the crowds of ~ people and sea waves    1/4/2012

15    ~ the samurai who i have not seen for an age ~ making a virtue of necessity ~ gloried in honorable poverty    1/4/2012

14    ~ carps have dived beneath the water ~ they thrilled me like Japanese puppets ~ by puppet players    1/1/2012

13    ~ Sky Tower is high ~ gleams black and stands out ~ against the sunrise on New Year’s Day    1/1/2012

12    ~ wrote for the first time in the New Year’s Day ~ that is also ~ the paper wasting for the first time in the day    1/1/2012

11    ~ the surf started picking up ~ the new year’s first sun ~ got chipped a little bit and rose    1/1/2012

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            2011 Dec ↓ ↑ 2012 Jan

10    ~ the sound of bells on New Year’s Eve ~ are infinite sounds in variety ~ by whom tolls it    12/31/2011

9    ~ hard work always pays off ~ though i have been lost in clumsy thoughts ~ so i waste most of my life time    12/31/2011

8    ~ i haven’t got the time ~ i am quite incompetent at a loss ~ year by year    12/30/2011

7    ~ the year draws to a close ~ my mother starts on the road to senility ~ she goes into a state of delirium    12/27/2011

6    ~ passing of the recent year ~ a cloud liked the Phoenix with the gracious smile ~ was in the chilly blue sky    12/26/2011

5    ~ a constant drain ~ on my purse and aging ~ has left me in great distress    12/26/2011

4    ~ there are my bootprints ~ that are out at heels in the frost pillars ~ only few days left in this year    12/25/2011

3    ~ when there’s no hope in sight ~ if you make a wish to god ~ love of god injects a glint hope    12/25/2011

2    ~ every candle has a wick ~ i light a light to it ~ the light is too bright to see everything    12/23/2011

1    ~ i swam a Chinese lemon and soaked in a bath ~ it sunk and floated seven times on the surface ~ life is liable to vicissitudes    12/23/2011

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