Kagawa Ryo – Kyokun I (Words to Live #1)

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Kagawa Ryo – Kyokun #1
Words to Live #1 (教訓 I)
lyrics, music, singer : Kagawa Ryo [加川良]

Everyone has only one life
Everyone’s life is just once
So, wish you stay alive
for as long as possible you can
When you have lost your conscious
and swum with the flow
Not infrequently
when you are told from someone
‘Die for the sake of your country,
Take your life in defense of
your family members and the person you love!’
That case, every man would be easily taken in
by the man’s glib talk
and he would be given to stepping the wrong way
That is the universal truth of the demagoguery
You should change your color
you can shy away from the flow
run away and hide away
If we die for the sake of country
Under any guise
Our Great Country and White Father
would last forever after we died
And maybe they would say
‘We are sorry, but you, guys, all were great tough !
You can live for ever in memories of us and our descendants’ !’
in front of the TV camera and the microphone
to the people of the world
with using the letter-perfect rendition
that was planned and implemented
by clever bureaucrats and the full-service advertising agency
and all the things would get over with constructing
memorial stones and the Valhalla where your name is graved
Oh, my God, we don’t have the spare-life for each
When you are told from someone
‘Hey, nice guy ! It’s the time to
throw your life away ! Go ! Go !
Now the time you become the man in men!
And you would become the bravest man
in men upon our country history,
as soon as looks at it will be the human history!
Take off our country from the calamity,
Run! Run ! Our Stars ! You are stars … ‘
Then you should be shaking in your shoes anon
and you should say the man immediately
‘Sorry, sir! As ill luck would have it,
I am sorry I have not nuts anywhere,
I am just a poor soapy …
Please call me Pansy from just now …’
I prefer the poor godforsaken wretch
with the dog-breath
to the war-dead-turned-god
who has the spirit of the war dead
How about you?
If someone prepare and offer the hospitality
that fills with such cosmetic gestures and words
on the dinner table in the cenacle
Don’t dare to touch them by God
It is the only way that
you will not do to pay your own ultimate price
and you meet crucial test

(Translating by Takashi Ikenouchi )  

教訓 I
命はひとつ 人生は一回
だから命を 捨てないようにね
慌てると ついふらふらと
お国のため などと言われるとね
青くなって 尻ごみなさい
逃げなさい 隠れなさい
お国は 俺たち死んだとて
ずっと後まで 残りますよね
失礼しましたで 終わるだけ
命のスペアは ありませんよ
青くなって 尻ごみなさい
逃げなさい 隠れなさい
命を捨てて 男になれと
言われたときには 震えましょうよね
そうよ わたしは わたしは 女で結構
女の腐ったので かまいませんよ
青くなって 尻ごみなさい
逃げなさい 隠れなさい
死んで 神さまと言われるよりも
生きて バカだと言われましょうよね
きれいごと 並べられたときにも
この命を 捨てないようにね
青くなって 尻ごみなさい
逃げなさい 隠れなさい
青くなって 尻ごみなさい
逃げなさい 隠れなさい

(英文自由訳:池ノ内 孝)

Trans (Kou) Late … too late ? 🙂

(Apr. 20, 2015)

ご冥福をお祈りします †
加川 良 さん
(かがわ りょう、本名:小斉 喜弘)、
1947年11月21日 – 2017年4月5日

(Apr. 06, 2017)


About 池ノ内 孝    Takashi (Kou) Ikenouchi
a haiku poet (俳名:秋村 [Shūson]), an actor, pure-Japanese, Tokyo Japan

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