a common illusion of us (1931)

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a common illusion of us (1931)
lyrics and musical composition : Koga Masao
Singer (ver.): Misora Hibari
(the original singer was Fujiyama Ichiro)
in rain and sunshine
i have gone about my days
thinking of you always
it is a common illusion of us, i believe
i drag out a miserable thinking under moonlit
yes, i know, it is just one of those things
though i can’t stop loving you, i will never
if i forcibly restrain my flame
in the innermost depths of my heart
maybe it will do the reverse of my own control
yes, it will flare up more and more hardly than ever
it is that as it may
i sigh for you at any minutes of the hour
any seconds of the minute indeed
and weep in secret almost every time
with languishes for love
that i see a picture in my head of you
i suffer from a sense of dejection
in desolate heart of missing you
i know it is just a very cold comfort
i can do nothing but take up my guitar
and pick its strings now
then her illusion bobs up in front of me
in the autumnal air
the sound of wind includes the hopeless chill
and it starts to drizzle with no end in sight
the tremors of the strings are bleak and dreary
the body of guitar is weeping about love lost
every friend says
‘Woman is as fickle as April weather’
by this time, she already erased
about you from her memory perfectly
As good and new love comes as goes
then you will completely take mind off romantic sadness
yep, it may make two of us for me, too
though i believe her even now and keep up it
she is only one pretty lady in the world for me
‘Every bullet has its billet’
yes, i already decided to live with her illusion
in my sweet memory for life
yes, i know, people say to me i am removed from reality
whatever any one says i will stand on my ground
if the spring nerver rolls around on the frosty ground forever
i am resigned that it is my fate
surely, my life is the same as a ‘cicada’
that one’s days are numbered clearly
the day will come some day
i keep carrying around her illusion
at the day and the time
what i am doing is just fine for me
(free translation by Takashi Ikenouchi) 
影を慕ひて (1931)
歌手 (ver.):美空ひばり
幻の 影を慕ひて
月に遣る瀬ぬ 我が想ひ
包めば燃ゆる 胸の火に
身は焦がれつつ 偲び泣く
侘びしさよ せめて傷みの
ギターを取りて 爪弾けば
何処まで時雨れ 行く秋ぞ
振音 (トレモロ) 淋し 身は悲し
君故に 永き人世を
永遠に春見ぬ 我が運命 (さだめ)
永ろうべきか 空蝉の
儚き影よ 我が恋よ

Aug. 06, 2016   


About 池ノ内 孝    Takashi (Kou) Ikenouchi
a haiku poet (俳名:秋村 [Shūson]), an actor, pure-Japanese, Tokyo Japan

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